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The Value of a Medical Affairs Strategic Partnership: Meeting Today’s Challenges

As the healthcare landscape continues to shift, pharmaceutical companies are acknowledging that the way they’ve approached the development and commercialization of their therapies must also shift.

Solving for Today’s Challenges

The Bridge Between Clinical Development and Commercialization

By engaging in a Medical Affairs partnership with EVERSANA as early as Phase II, we are able to help:

  • Support the design of your ideal product profile that addresses unmet need.
  • Structure trials to meet the objectives of your product profile.
  • Define your product’s value
  • Collect data and drive subsequent insight generation
  • Develop the corresponding medical and commercial strategy

Why Our Medical Affairs Model Is Different

EVERSANA is disrupting the medical affairs services industry with the creation of an end-to-end integrated, customer-centric model that redefines scientific exchange to drive improved care pathways and optimize patient outcomes.

Unlike the traditional model – seen as a cost center, our model is strategic and directly impacting business KPIs.

Our Process Is Rooted in a Strong Foundation of Scientific Evidence and Strategy

EVERSANA’s Core Medical Affairs Capabilities

Phase II Through Commercialization

  • Medical Affairs Operational Excellence
  • Scientific Platform, Narrative and Core Foundational Content
  • Medical Strategy and Planning
  • Medical Information
  • Health economics and outcomes research/ Data, Evidence and Value Generation & Insights
  • Publications Planning and Data Dissemination
  • KOL Identification and Engagement
  • Clinical Trial Support: Scientific Exchange and P2P Education
  • Congress Activities
  • Omnichannel Dissemination Strategy and Planning

Phase III Through Commercialization

  • Field Medical

Phase IV Through Commercialization

  • Patient advocacy
  • Customer engagement and digital strategy


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