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With over 40 clients and a growing number of engagements in Europe, EVERSANA is the only end-to-end provider of commercialisation services that span all stages of the product life cycle to deliver long-term value for patients, physicians and payers.

Delivering Value Across European Markets and Globally

  • Value Across the Product Life Cycle

    Our portfolio of services adds value across the product life cycle to help solve specific challenges.

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  • Solve Commercial Challenges

    We provide measurable, integrated fit-for-purpose solutions and operate as an extension of your company.

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  • Integrated Commercial Services

    We add value at every stage of the product life cycle to deliver bolder strategies and superior performance.

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Our Rapidly Expanding Global Footprint

With 25+ locations across Europe,  North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, our team offers expertise across the globe to meet your needs.


Delivering Value Across European Markets and Globally

Specific Challenges Answered

  • NAVLIN Price & Access Data

    NAVLIN Price & Access Data

    The solution you need for accurate pricing data for your brands, comparators and competitors across the globe.

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  • NAVLIN Price & Access Software

    NAVLIN Price & Access Software

    Comprehensive software suite to help you set the optimal price and navigate the complexities of global pricing.

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