Medical Information

The Right Information at Exactly the Right Time 

When it comes to the patients, healthcare professionals, payers, and other stakeholders you serve, we are dedicated to support the safe and effective use of your products by providing timely, scientifically-balanced, and evidence-based information in response to unsolicited requests for medical and scientific information.  We don’t just answer questions; we solve problems with a direct and personalized approach. We address complex questions that empower clinical decision making through communication of your company’s data by combining our clinical expertise, understanding medical information industry best practices, and with advanced technology.

Our approach is Value & Quality-driven and deep-seated in our cultural beliefs of Client Delight and being Patient Minded. We understand that medical information contact center support plays a crucial role throughout a product’s life cycle, from pre-launch, launch, labelling updates, through patent expiration.

EVERSANA’s approach to Medical Information Contact Center service is NOT a one-size-fits-all model.  We understand that each of our client’s needs, therapeutic areas, products, operations, infrastructure, etc. are unique. So, we form strategic and collaborative partnerships with our clients to develop flexible and scalable resource models to ensure we provide the service level, key performance indicators, and level of customer satisfaction and engagement our clients expect.

A New Integrated Model

As part of EVERSANA’s integrated compliance services, we work with emerging and large and small pharmaceutical companies to provide strategic support for products from clinical studies through commercialization. We are reimagining the industry’s model with a fully integrated, automated, cloud-based technology platform enabled with AI.


Digital First Provider 


Ready to Support Clients Globally

With six global hubs we support patients in over 10 local languages.  We strive for “first-call” resolution – and that’s why in our model  inquiries are handled by highly trained and qualified medical information specialists. 

  • Locally based medical information teams provide in-language support for all 5 major European plus other languages
  • Highly qualified medical information specialists strive to provide first call resolution in native language without the need for translation services
  • We understand local cultures and support HCPs and patients with their unique concerns
  • Flexible staffing models (Shared/Dedicated & Hybrid) and scalable global contact center solutions to meet your changing needs (US support available from Europe, 24/7 support available)

Medical Information Services

Extensive medical information experience supporting a wide range of life sciences companies across multiple therapeutic areas, including including pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, OTC products, digital therapeutics, and across multiple therapeutic areas, including, Oncology, Hematology, Rare Orphan Diseases, Immunology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Neurology, Pain, Respiratory, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Hepatology, Consumer Products, Woman’s Health and more.

  • Accurate and detailed documentation of MI interactions
  • Response to unsolicited medical information requests
  • Live and immediate responses for client product
  • Handling of standard and non-standard questions/requests
  • Appropriate identification and handling of adverse events and product quality complaints
  • Handling and and appropriate triage of non-medical information request
  • Development of MI response documents (Scientific Response Documents (SRDs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Custom Response Documents (CRDs)
  • Provide MI database system, develop and implement web requests forms, MI web portals, chat, data analytics tool, and integrate our systems with clients’ systems such as safety databases, product complaint systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, content management systems, etc.

Corporate Partner of phactMI

Comprehensive Medical Information Solutions

With more than two decades of experience and broad disease state expertise, our team provides a comprehensive suite of integrated and scalable services that include product and medical information contact centers, adverse experience reporting intake services, product complaint intake and processing, clinical trials information call centers and medical affairs services. 

Global Product and Medical Information Contact Center

  • Locally based medical information teams provide support across several languages
  • Information specialists strive to provide first call resolution in native language without the need for translation services
  • We understand local cultures and support HCPs and patients with their unique concerns
  • Flexible staffing models (Shared/Dedicated & Hybrid)
  • Scalable global contact center solutions to meet your changing needs
  • Compliance management team base Globally US/Spain/India

Adverse Experience Reporting Intake Services

  • Medical information staff well trained to detect adverse events while processing Medical Information inquiries
  • SOPs in place for data collection, documentation and processing of information to file safety reports
  • Initial and mandatory training as well as annual refresher and client training
  • Comprehensive intake and data collection forwarded to client internal safety department on an expedient and timely basis; E2B output available

Product Complaint Intake and Processing

  • Detailed SOPs for processing Product Quality Complaints (PCs)
  • Medical communications staff trained to identify customer needs and concerns
  • Initial and mandatory training as well as annual refresher and client training
  • Instructions provided to customer for returning suspect defective product
  • Guidance provided regarding product replacement/credit
  • Direct and ongoing interaction with client’s QA designee

Clinical Trial Contact Center Services

  • Clinical trial protocol information
  • Recruitment
    • Screening for eligibility
    • Referral to study sites
    • Notification of candidate referral
  • Expanded access/compassionate use
  • Patient outreach programs for protocol compliance
  • Clinical trials emergency hotline

Medical Affairs Strategic Consulting Services

Centralized Medical Information Database With Analytics

  • Fully validated inquiry database for Med Info, AE, and PC intake and documentation
  • Content Management (Document Control)
  • Capability for integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Integrated with AE and PC reporting needs (E2B electronic transfer to safety and quality database)
  • Cloud-based (web-based zero footprint integrated platform)
  • Highly configurable and intuitive user interface
  • Linking of related inquiries and responses
  • Territory mapping and cross-linking of MSL and sales reps to the case
  • Global and local case management
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting capabilities, including data analytics and visualization tool
  • Ability to create custom web forms for submission of medical information inquiries, AE reporting, PQC reporting, MI web portals, chat

Learn how we use automation and technology and an integrated business process to respond to HCPs faster.