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Medical Information

Medical Information Market Landscape  

As technology advances and the needs of healthcare professionals and patients change, the Medical Information (MI) market dynamic must evolve in tandem. 

Most MI departments have transitioned from in-house contact centers to leveraging a contact center(s) operated by a service provider(s). The traditional call center model is outdated and centers of excellence for customer experience supersede them. In addition, MI services have gone beyond call centers, email, online web request forms and self-service portals for healthcare professionals, to now providing medical self-service portals for patients and consumers, offering live chat with medical information specialists, and building chatbots to address the most received questions. MI departments must ensure the content provided is easy to digest, navigate and utilize for different customer types.   

Now more than ever, partnering with the right MI service provider is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and that appropriate service levels are met.  

EVERSANA’s Next Gen Medical Information Model  

EVERSANA’s holistic and customer-centric approach to MI services reimagines the industry’s one-size-fits-all model with an end-to-end, global solution tailored to each client’s needs with a focus on quality, value and expertise across people, process and technology.   

We form strategic and collaborative partnerships with our clients to develop tailored, flexible and scalable resource models, based on their needs, therapeutic areas, products, operations and infrastructure.   

EVERSANA offers one-stop services for organizations looking to establish and launch their MI services for the first time. These services include:  

  • Consulting services regarding industry trends and best practices; medical content development (e.g., SRDs, FAQs) 
  • Technology solutions such as validated and configurable MI database 
  • Self-service medical portals 
  • Medical chatbot with conversational AI and data analytic tools 
  • Global hubs with highly trained MI Specialists that are healthcare professionals (e.g., pharmacists)    

Foundational Pillars of EVERSANA’s Medical Information Services  

EVERSANA’s four foundational pillars of our MI Services provide high-quality service and engagement throughout the product life cycle and ensure optimal support of our clients’ stakeholders. Our expertise across people, process and technology has allowed us to establish operational excellence. 

  • Our approach is Value and Quality driven and deep-seated in our cultural beliefs of Client Delight and being Patient-Minded 
  • 20+ years of MI services experience supporting 200+ clients and extensive disease state expertise across multiple therapeutic areas 
  • EVERSANA develops tailored, flexible and scalable resource models to ensure key performance indicators and first-rate customer satisfaction and engagement are met 
  • Our MI services are deeply rooted in technology, innovation, quality, compliance and industry best practices, featuring multi-channel engagement, and are backed by metrics and data analytics

Global Capabilities   

With established global MI hubs in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and India, EVERSANA provides MI support globally to clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe, LATAM, Japan, and APAC.

EVERSANA hires and trains MI Specialists, primarily pharmacists, with healthcare professional backgrounds across all our hubs to manage medical inquiries. 

EVERSANA’s global MI capabilities include: 

  • Native language support from our locally based medical information teams 
  • Understanding of local cultures, laws, regulations and best practices in relation to medical information inquiry, adverse events and product complaint handling 
  • Flexible staffing models (Shared, Dedicated and Hybrid) and scalable global contact center solutions to meet your changing needs 

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Medical Information Contact Center Services

EVERSANA provides a comprehensive suite of integrated and scalable services that includes product and MI contact centers, adverse experience reporting intake services, product complaint intake services and clinical trial information contact center services. 

Adverse Event Reporting

  • MI Specialists are trained to detect adverse events while processing MI inquiries 
  • SOPs in place for data collection, documentation and processing of information required to file safety reports 
  • Initial mandatory training and annual refresher and client training 
  • Configurable and customizable AE collection forms 
  • Ability to administer client and product AE questionnaires  
  • Comprehensive intake and data collection forwarded to client internal safety department on an expedient and timely basis; E2B output available 
  • Direct and ongoing interaction with client’s PV designer as applicable 

Product Complaint Reporting

  • MI Specialists are trained to detect product complaints while processing MI inquiries 
  • Detailed SOPs for processing Product Complaints (PCs) 
  • Initial mandatory training and annual refresher and client training 
  • Configurable and customizable PC collection forms 
  • Instructions provided for returning suspected defective products 
  • Guidance provided regarding product replacement/credit 
  • Direct and ongoing interaction with client’s QA designer as applicable 

Clinical Trial Contact Center

  • Clinical trial protocol information 
  • Recruitment 
  • Screening for eligibility 
  • Referral to study sites 
  • Notification of candidate referral 
  • Expanded access/compassionate use 
  • Patient outreach programs for protocol compliance 
  • Clinical trials emergency hotline 

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