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e-Commerce Platform Enables Manufacturers to Sell Directly to Providers

Many manufacturers involuntarily commit to convoluted, costly distribution models that often lack the flexibility needed to increase efficiency, maximize investments and minimize risk on a product-by-product basis. Manufacturers working exclusively with wholesalers can spend over 10% in DSA fees just to ensure channel access to pharmacies, hospitals or providers.

Alternative Distribution Model Allows for Direct Selling to Customers EVERSANA’s e-commerce model & technology platform provides a new option.

EVERSANA’s innovative distribution model is lean, agile, cost-effective and operationally efficient. As an independent 3PL provider, we can work with customers without the channel alignment conflicts that are common with wholesaler or payer parent companies.


EVERSANA’s e-commerce model & technology platform provides a new option.

We are uniquely positioned to gain access to downstream customers with our e-commerce platform that enables manufacturers to have a one-on-one relationship as a result of the following features:

  • Direct-to-provider selling model
  • Customized platform designed for the needs of the manufacturer’s products
  • Real-time visibility into product ordering, tracking, shipping, etc.

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Addressing Today’s Supply Chain Needs

As we’ve seen, there have been considerable supply chain issues during the pandemic in pharma and other industries. Our platform is combatting these issues and gives point-of-care (POC) facilities the ability to order virtually at any time and any day of the week. It enables:

  • Pricing visibility and product flexibility and control and the manufacturers and by the point-of-care facility if so desired
  • Distribution directly to the customer – hospitals, clinics, HCP offices, etc.
  • Greater customer alignment through enhanced information and visibility


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