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How COVID-19 Has Changed Payer Engagement Strategies

The healthcare industry is rightly focused on COVID-19 and its impact on patient care and allocation or utilization of healthcare resources. However, we cannot lose sight of our responsibility to provide appropriate therapeutic options for the over 150 million Americans who suffer from chronic diseases, including the 25-35 million Americans who suffer from rare diseases. As professionals responsible for building content and educating decision makers on various treatment options, we have an important role to play. As we continue to advocate for access to cost-effective care through improved quality and a focus on outcomes, our approach to engaging payers will shift.

So what does this all mean for how pharmaceutical companies can engage payers? In response to recent survey results (EVERSANA™ ENGAGE, ACCESSEXPRESS® by EVERSANA), Jeff LaVaute outlines how COVID-19 has changed how we engage with payers and shares 3 key insights into how we must adapt to succeed. Download the article.

“How COVID-19 Has Changed Payer Engagement Strategies”
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Jeff LaVaute
Managing Director, Market Access Strategy

For more than 20 years, including over 14 years focused on payer decision-making, Jeff has helped clients execute impactful, award-winning campaigns built on an understanding of the audience’s journey and healthcare experience. He is…