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Promoting Value to All Stakeholders

EVERSANA ENGAGE is a full-solution healthcare marketing agency uniquely designed to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies cohesively reach patients, providers and payers to enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes.

From access solutions to branded and unbranded campaigns, the agency offers a strong portfolio of agency services including:

EVERSANA ENGAGE brings award-winning knowledge and creative expertise to its life sciences partners, including extensive experience in rare disease, specialty and oncology, as well as therapies targeted towards primary care.

A different approach

Our expertise has deep roots. We don’t just talk the talk. We put it into words, actions, and results by using a 3-pronged approach focused on the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and payers.

Our core services add value across the product life cycle:

  • Strategic and tactical planning 
  • Value story and message development 
  • Field force and account manager resources and training 
  • Cost and coverage messaging and pull-through 
  • Healthcare policy 
  • Real-world evidence and health outcomes translation  
  • POA planning and implementation 
  • Creative campaign development 

Government Policy Systems 

EVERSANA delivers expert insight and content regarding healthcare’s government, policy and system issues through unparalleled access to relevant industry experts, databases and research facilities. Our Government Policy team is at the forefront of these issues and understands the interconnectivity of the drivers of healthcare change. They focus on the areas that will influence the ways in which payers structure insurance plans, and in which providers and institutions—including the growing long-term care (LTC) market—manage patient care. We develop impactful programs to address our clients’ issues relevant to market access, change, government and policy, from the impact of the Affordable Care Act to payment reform to emerging models of care.  

  • Insights & Strategy
    Insights & Strategy

    Subject matter experts dive deep into stakeholder beliefs and behaviors to discover patterns, unearth trends, and draw out actionable insights.

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  • Co-creation & Collaboration
    Co-creation & Collaboration

    All stakeholders are given a seat at the table and a voice in the process as we co-create strategies, content, and programs that differentiate a brand’s value story.

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  • Evidence & Execution
    Evidence & Execution

    Data-driven decisions lead to seamlessly integrated omnichannel experiences.

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  • Educate & Advocate
    Educate & Advocate

    As a team of multi-specialists, we offer in-depth expertise in a range of areas and sectors. We work with each of our clients to develop and tailor strategies that address their unique challenges and help them to achieve their specific goals and objectives.

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reach patients, providers and payers across the care continuum

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