Chris Lagoeiro

Chris Lagoeiro

Associate Director


수익 관리

Chris is an experienced engagement manager, commercial contracting and reimbursement subject matter expert, and membership management specialist. His expertise is in consulting, market access and reimbursement, commercial operations, business process outsourcing, and membership management. He has led multiple projects leading to the recovery of millions of dollars for his clients in Commercial and Medicare Part D rebates through formulary reviews and validations using leading revenue management software and serves as a product manager for EVERSANA’s MemberCentricTM.

The platform improves the quality of a pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer’s customer data and automates some of the most time-consuming tasks associated with membership management. He has presented at industry conferences, served on several panels, and authored “From Silos to Synergy: Optimize Your Managed-Markets Division with Cross-Team Collaboration.” Chris holds a Bachelor in Science in Finance from The College of New Jersey.

Articles by Chris Lagoeiro

Optimizing and Accelerating Membership Management Within the Healthcare Industry

The various complexities and ever-changing nature of the pharmaceutical and health care industries create endless intricate processes, datasets and other components for manufacturers to navigate. Properly maintaining a Customer Master can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming undertakings that, depending how efficiently and successfully it is carried out, can either extensively benefit or […]

Brand Planning – Fitting Financial and Copay Services into Existing Models

EVERSANA’s Kevin O’Meara, Vice President, Patient Services Solutions, Joe Bachstadt, Vice President, Patient Services Affordability, and Chris Lagoerio, Director, Revenue Management, presented a session, “Brand Planning – Fitting Financial and Copay Services into Existing Models,” at Informa Connect’s Copay, Reimbursement and Access Congress. Session Summary Since the early 2000s copay programs have evolved, becoming increasingly […]

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