Rx Benchmarks®

The First and Only Specialty Rx Benchmarks® Service

Biopharmaceutical market access teams, marketing teams and sales managers often struggle with knowing exactly how their specialty brand is being prescribed and pulled through specialty pharmacies or administered in physicians’ offices compared to their competitors.

To best understand pull-through dynamics, visibility into directly comparable benchmarking data is needed to know whether your brand is at parity, better or worse than your competitors across key performance indicators (KPIs).

So, what are the hidden pull-through issues causing lost revenue for your brand and how do you identify them? Prescription journey visibility is essential to establishing what pain points are hindering your brand’s success and determining how to rectify them.

EVERSANA’s Rx Benchmarks® solution is the first and only of its kind to provide key data visibility by delving deep into the product flow, tracking the entire trajectory of a product’s journey from script to patient adoption, and providing cross-brand comparison on key performance indicators for specialty biopharma therapies.

Rx Benchmarks® delivers step-by-step comparative data to effectively measure products directly with competitors and inform key decisions by analyzing brands’ performances against industry norms.

It also identifies areas where an Rx journey could be made more efficient. Does the product often get held up in benefit verification? Are there major delays in getting PAs turned around? Are there issues with the dispensing rates in non-network specialty pharmacies?

Discovering the answers to questions like these and examining your product’s performance against competitors allows you to determine prescription pull-through pain points and develop actionable steps to address market access hurdles impeding your product’s revenue performance and the benefits it should be bringing to patients.


Ready to have full visibility into your specialty products’ journeys between prescription and administration?

Contact us and let us design an Rx Benchmarks® program for you.

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