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Understanding ICER’s 2024 Protocol for Assessing Unsupported Price Increases on Prescription Drugs

Understanding ICER’s 2024 Protocol for Assessing Unsupported Price Increases on Prescription Drugs

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has recently updated its protocol for assessing unsupported price increases of prescription drugs. This initiative provides a transparent and systematic approach to evaluate whether substantial price hikes in medications in the United States are justified by new clinical evidence or other valid factors.

Key Points of the ICER 2024 Unsupported Price Increases Protocol:

  • Scope of Review: The 2024 Unsupported Price Increases report will focus on up to 13 drugs that have experienced significant price increases over a one-year period.
  • Criteria for Selection: Drugs are selected based on net sales revenue, exceeding the medical Consumer Price Index (CPI) by more than 2%, and their impact on the national budget.
  • Manufacturer Input: Manufacturers are invited to submit information that might justify the price increases, including new evidence of improved outcomes or cost offsets.
  • Evidence Review: ICER conducts a thorough review of the new evidence to determine if the price increases are supported.
  • Public Transparency: The final report, including manufacturers’ justifications and ICER’s evaluations, will be publicly released to inform policymakers and the public.

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