DTx Europe Conference

DTx Europe, July 14-15, 2021

Advancing the Adoption and Commercialization of Digital Health Solutions Across Life Sciences

Join EVERSANA and other leaders in the industry, at the upcoming DTx Europe conference as we advance the conversation on:

  • Commercializing digital therapeutics by navigating the local regulatory pathways to approval
  • Advancing the adoption of companion apps
  • Securing broad payer coverage and reimbursement for digital therapies


“While advancements in digital medicine take us into a new frontier, these devices can and should be available through existing prescription, distribution and reimbursement infrastructures. The commercial model for digital medicine will be efficient, effective and valuable to payers, providers and most importantly, for the patients and caregivers who need them.”


Meet Our Experts during the DTx Europe Conference

Mark Mulder, Vice President, Europe





Douglas Foerster, Senior Vice President, Pricing & Market Access





Learn more about our recent partnerships

For more information on the work we do for Digital Therapeutics or to schedule an appointment with one of our Subject Matter Experts during DTX please contact Mark Mulder – mark.mulder@eversana.com.



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