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Overcoming the Commercialization Challenges of Personalized Cancer Immunotherapies

Personalized cancer immunotherapies are emerging as a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment, aiming to provide individualized therapies based on a patient’s specific genetic makeup. The FDA has not yet approved any personalized cancer immunotherapies, creating an intense race within pharma to be the first mover.  

These therapies have the potential to overcome the limitations of conventional treatments and show efficacy across different patient populations. However, commercializing these therapies poses challenges related to pricing, turnaround times, manufacturability, scalability, and patient access.  

Despite the enormous opportunities personalized cancer immunotherapies present, there are several challenges to overcome: 

  • Manufacturing and administration processes differ from traditional therapies, requiring improvements in production efficiency and ease of administration.  
  • Personalized immunotherapies rely on next generation sequencing to identify neoantigens, creating access and affordability issues in underserved communities.  
  • Technological and regulatory hurdles, as well as the need to prove value for reimbursement and adoption, further complicate commercialization efforts.  

To address these challenges, manufacturers must: 

  • Adopt innovative commercialization models,  
  • Migrate their supply chain and data processing,  
  • Develop unique strategies for premarket education, cost management, and patient services programs. 

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Anne Marie Robertson
Executive Vice President, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™

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