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ACTICS by EVERSANA is the premier tech-enabled solution built to deliver end-to-end commercial success for life science companies. Leveraging a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, infrastructure, data and subject matter expertise, ACTICS was developed to address critical challenges throughout the product life cycle and improve patient outcomes.

Ensure Optimal Commercialization

When paired with EVERSANA’s comprehensive suite of commercial services, ACTICS can:

  • Create informed strategies from early in development to launch with speed and certainty
  • Improve patient outcomes and identify opportunities to lower total cost of care
  • Inform healthcare and clinical decision-making at launch and accelerate access for patients
  • Generate regulatory-grade evidence to quantify the economic and clinical value of healthcare interventions to payers, providers, and patients


Our Vision

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Actionable Data & Insights

At EVERSANA, we understand and embrace the challenges our clients face, as most AI and ML platforms are disjointed from the services and interfaces that create meaningful impact for patients. ACTICS makes it easy to tailor our proprietary and integrated AI/ML technologies with our best-in-class patient engagement solutions, commercial services, market access, and RWD/HEOR to help you pursue your “next best action.”

Learn more about how our tech-enabled solution can drive business value:

Informing the next best action

The next generation of product launches and patient services demand integrated data and analytics across the patient journey to model value-based care, as well as implement behavioral interventions to increase patient adherence and reduce healthcare system costs. We believe that data should be integrated across the entire patient journey. Each patient touch point represents an opportunity to not just make a prediction, but also develop a game plan for your “next best action.”

Backed by over 40 years of experience in the U.S. Intelligence Community, ACTICS leverages AI/ML to:

  • Make brand program performance predictions
  • Support patient services specific needs to identify diagnosed and undiagnosed patients ahead of loss events, misdiagnoses, or clinical events
  • Optimize utilization of call center, field force, MSLs and patient aervice resources


Integrating actionable data

ACTICS can integrate third-party or client data and display key insights in dynamic, visually appealing, and accessible tools that enable rapid and interactive actions. This capability expands upon existing reporting with wrap-around data science services and subscription-based offerings.

We have proprietary data in-house or we can be data agnostic, integrating your data with any number of other datasets including claims, EHR, retail, social media and digital search to enable multiple analyses and insights.

Tailoring to your needs

We’re here to meet you where you are. ACTICS is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a solution tailored to match your specific needs. Clients can power their commercial success through:

  • The complete ACTICS solution – proprietary AI/ML technologies complemented with wraparound data science services and subscription-based offerings
  • Access to specific data sets
  • Licenses into an integrated AI/ML platform
  • Project-based data science services
  • Solution-based modules and apps with desired UX/UI experiences

ACTICS is powering key business decisions

  • Powering Commercial Analytics

    EVERSANA delivers smarter, quicker insight generation through tailored solutions of data, machine learning and AI-enabled infrastructure

  • Powering Integrated Patient Analytics

    Understand the complexity of disease, improve forecasting and communications with patients, design more effective clinical trials, predict trends, customize treatment pathways, and so much more.

  • Powering Pricing and Market Access Analytics

    Predict, monitor, measure and optimize revenue across the lifecycle

  • Powering RWD/HEOR

    80+ million deidentified patient records. Rapid generation of evidence and value measurement


Press Releases

EVERSANA’s Data & Analytics Platform ACTICS by EVERSANA Named a 2022 Artificial Intelligence Award Winner

EVERSANA is one of 26 companies whose products and services were selected by The Business Intelligence Group in 2022. The organization’s awards recognize companies, products, and people who bring AI to life and apply it to solve real problems.

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EVERSANA Launches Chronic Disease Real-World Data Solution Covering More Than 80 Million Deidentified Patients to Drive Regulatory-Grade Clinical Research and Improve Patient Outcomes

Data offering provides significant coverage of chronic conditions, including immunology, cardiovascular, metabolic, neurology, respiratory and rare disease conditions.

EVERSANA and WorldQuant Predictive significantly improve patient adherence and outcomes through real-time Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology partnership

  • Through the multi-year partnership leverages WorldQuant Predictive’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
  • WorldQuant Predictive’s platform will seamless integrate into the ACTICS by EVERSANA technology solution to dramatically increase patient adherence and outcomes by improving the precision of predictions, enabling proactive commercialization services to better reach and guide providers and patients.
  • EVERSANA will also partner with WorldQuant’s AI is WQP’s preferred services partner for life sciences and will extend WQP’s platform and real-world data capabilities, with scaled commercialization, data and outcome science services for life sciences.


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EVERSANA announces strategic partnership with Roivant Sciences to advance commercialization services and predictive analytics for healthcare

  • Under a multi-year partnership, EVERSANA will become the preferred provider of commercialization services for Roivant
  • EVERSANA will expand existing collaborations with Roivant technology platforms, including deploying Alyvant’s salesforce app to enhance results for EVERSANA clients
  • EVERSANA and Roivant will collaborate on launch strategies for multiple investigational medicines across the Roivant family of companies

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EVERSANA streamlines data connectivity and strengthens predictive commercialization solutions with Datavant partnership

Datavant, the leader in helping healthcare organizations safely connect their data, and EVERSANA, the pioneer of next generation commercial services to the global life sciences industry, announced a strategic partnership in which EVERSANA will use Datavant’s data linking technology to enhance its advanced analytics capabilities. This partnership will propel powerful analytics through EVERSANA’s fully integrated commercial services platform, helping to solve global pricing, access, reimbursement, adherence and product delivery challenges in the life science sector.

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EVERSANA announces broad-scale strategic partnerships with industry leaders in claims, EMR, formulary and provider-institutional data to optimize real-time commercial services

  • EVERSANA and Symphony Health announce multi-year relationship for EMR claims and data infrastructure
  • EVERSANA and Compile partner to integrate physician affiliation data to drive market access commercial services, with additional formulary data partnership in final stages
  • Datasets seamlessly integrate into ACTICS by EVERSANA™, the technology-enabled solution to optimize commercial services in the product and patient journeys

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