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Field Deployment Solutions

Traditional Field Deployment Assembles People.

EVERSANA’s Field Deployment Mobilizes a Strategy.

The pharmaceutical landscape has transcended the traditional model fixated on sheer promotional volume. This outdated approach neglects the intricate needs of modern healthcare consumers and providers.

Today’s market demands comprehensive solutions, real-world evidence, and a deeper understanding of a product’s value amidst the overwhelming promotional clutter. By partnering with EVERSANA’s Field Deployment experts, pharma manufacturers mobilize a comprehensive, data-driven strategy to:

  • Activate commercial and medical teams,
  • Secure patient access and affordability,
  • Optimize finances and resources and ultimately,
  • Drive therapy adoption.

Our extensive expertise in high-science therapeutic areas, such as oncology and rare disease, drives innovative solutions that meet unique product demands, enabling a supercharged strategy with a compelling brand value story, right-sized team, hyper-focused targeting and customized stakeholder engagement.

Next Gen Field Deployment

  • Driven by Data and Analytics to engage and influence the right stakeholders at the right time.
  • Rooted in Value and Evidence to develop a compelling brand story for stakeholders and enhance therapy adoption.
  • Activated by Commercial and Medical Teams to communicate real-world evidence and economic value and boost TRx growth.
  • Integrated with Patient Services to improve performance across onboarding, adherence and abandonment.

Share of Influence: Engaging the Complete Stakeholder Ecosystem

Manufacturers need to deploy a strategy that establishes a “Share of Influence” across the entire stakeholder ecosystem to cultivate long-term relationships with providers, payers and patients. When the right team and resources come together in an orchestrated way to best serve each stakeholder, a chain reaction activates and accelerates patient access, affordability and adherence.

Field Sales Representatives

EVERSANA’s Field Sales Representative are characterized by a comprehensive approach within the total practice environment. Armed with an influencer map that identifies key Publishers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), EVERSANA’s reps can leverage these relationships to strategically navigate the complex landscape. Equipped with Real-World Data (RWD), Triggers, and NPP Assets, our reps possess a versatile toolkit that enhances engagement and the decision-making process. Additionally, our reps have a deep understanding of the preferences of each Healthcare Professional (HCP), enabling tailored interactions for maximum impact.

With a deep and confident knowledge base, our Field Sales Representative are well-positioned to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape and drive meaningful outcomes.

Medical Science Liaisons

MSLs are an imperative part of the pharmaceutical commercialization process for high-science therapies, helping bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and effectively treating patients in need. EVERSANA helps companies achieve this by incorporating MSLs and utilizing their expertise early in the prelaunch phase as members of the launch team leadership is essential to the success of complex drug launches and to the overall improvement of health outcomes.

We quickly assemble MSL teams for our partners and guide them through implementing brand strategies for their products. We prioritize recruiting and retaining the right individuals who fully understand specific therapeutic areas and disease states, and who will create a greater SSoV and brand harmony among providers we work with.

EVERSANA is extremely flexible with the size of companies and types of compounds we can work with. We partner with small biotech companies focused on the scientific development of a compound and putting in place a complete medical affairs infrastructure, and larger or midsize companies with medical affairs departments already in place; therefore, we solely help implement the field medical portion.

By providing therapeutic-wide education and combining first class clinical and business acumen during prelaunch and throughout the product’s entire life cycle, EVERSANA’s team of MSLs bring invaluable benefits to every player involved in the treatment of a patient.

Clinical Nurse Educators

CNEs are healthcare professionals with advanced nursing degrees and extensive experience in clinical care settings that are deployed to address a specific gap or need for a product where utilization, adherence or proper adoption is limited or challenging. Depending on the therapeutic area and functional role, many CNEs are additionally credentialed or certified to engage in fact-based scientific disease state data and compliant communications to create the best opportunity for a positive patient outcome. They can be a vital resource for manufacturers with a therapy that has complex, comprehensive information.

Patients are increasingly requiring more personalized and holistic care, and manufacturers can help support this need through CNEs who create more awareness and resources for patients, promote disease management best practices, and provide additional support for therapies with more complicated dosing and administration methods.

Field Reimbursement Managers

EVERSANA is breaking the barriers of assigned accounts and providing data that connects FRMs to offices and patients who need immediate support. EVERSANA’s model connects patient services, a hub, FRMs and a specialty pharmacy under one roof, allowing FRMs to have real-time interaction with the hub’s data. With the traditional commercial services model, up to 70% of pre-authorization submissions to the hub are inaccurate or incomplete, resulting in a follow-up loop between the hub and HCP office that wastes time in treating the patient. Our FRMs can know about pre-authorization obstacles as they happen and can close this loop while working closely with office staff to submit accurate pre-authorizations for patients.

Additionally, EVERSANA’s FRMs leverage an additional layer of insights through the utilization of ACTICS® eAccess, our exclusive eBV and ePA solution, to further minimize patient wait times and treatment delays. With over 1,400 digital connections to payers rather than algorithms and the integration of both Pharmacy Benefit (PBM) and Major Medical (MM), hig-phly accurate coverage can be confirmed in minutes. In addition, FRMs can access automated business logic which evaluates and applies co-pay offerings to eligible patients and assesses Patient Assistance Program (PAP) eligibility criteria, further empowering them to discern the most effective next best action.



National Account Managers

EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to address current industry challenges and bring benefit to our partners in large pharma, biotech, pharma, small and emerging rare disease. We have assembled the tools that a NAM or brand team would need to have an efficient and effective conversation with a payer earlier and in a unified fashion. By developing a strategy backed by data, analytics and modeling, EVERSANA provides our partners with a complete picture of success in the market access arena. In addition, our NAMs work with distributors and wholesalers, IDNG, POs, and all the parts of the puzzle that deliver the product to the end user

Connectivity between Field and Patient Services 

Disparate information, antiquated systems and a disconnect between the field solutions and patient services often translate to pain points experienced by patients and providers. EVERSANA’s three pillars – people, data and infrastructure – bridge the gap to create efficient and effective communications, ultimately reducing frustrations and getting the patient on therapy faster.

As the first and only company in the industry with the expertise and ability to deploy both Patient Services and Field Deployment teams, EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to collect and synthesize data sets generated from each department securely and compliantly to inform the “next best action.” This enhanced efficiency in interactions and the utilization of advanced technological tools enable cost-savings and the deployment of appropriately sized teams.

Empower Your Teams to Impact Patients’ Lives

At EVERSANA, we fuse market access and clinical setting knowledge with selling skills — preparing your team to master your product. We are committed to solving market access, sales and clinical engagement challenges through training, content creation and digital solutions.

EVERSANA works with our clients to bolster their field solutions and training services with clinical, commercial and market access training and technology solutions. Our highly specialized training blends critical components to form a customized, strategic approach to your needs and goals — all while engaging your team and increasing their curiosity.


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