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Commercial Analytics

Actionable Insights that Amplify Impact

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are routinely faced with complex business challenges that require strategic decision making based on the most comprehensive data and insights available.

However, given the large amount of data available and resources necessary to derive true insights from this data, pharma executives are often:

  • Overwhelmed by the volume & velocity of  data
  • Frustrated with the time it takes to develop insights
  • Disregarding insights due to lack of business relevancy
  • Forced to connect insight to impact themselves
  • Limiting innovation due to resource constraints

EVERSANA delivers smarter, quicker insight generation through a tailored solution of data, machine learning and AI-enabled infrastructure

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D&A Across the Product Life Cycle

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Plan for future commercial efforts and position your therapy for launch success while enabling efficient, post-launch commercial execution.
Key Services and Solutions:
  • Market assessment & opportunity sizing
    • Assess market potential to understand size of the opportunity
  • Demand forecasting
    • Determine accurate sales forecasts for your therapy based on real-world data and ML-driven predictive models
  • Influencer / KOL Mapping
    • Identify high value influencers and KOLs, and commercial strategies for engaging them in the most optimal manner.
  • Patient journey mapping
    • Get in-depth understanding of patient & provider journey and unmet needs – and determine how to position therapy in market.
  • Patient finding / switch prediction
    • Find the most relevant (or hidden) patients and HCPs, including rare and specialty – using real-world data and predictive techniques.
  • Segmentation and targeting 
    • Identify and segment your highest value targets (HCPs and Payers) – and setup your commercial operations (sales force size, call planning, alignments, incentive comp, and reporting solutions)
  • Payer landscape analysis
    • Understand ‘economic value’ of therapy on patient outcomes – inform market access strategy and messaging with Payers


Plan & implement commercial operations and facilitate seamless execution.
Key Services and Solutions:
  • Sales force design, sizing & structuring
  • Call plan design and feedback
    • Implement ongoing commercial ops workstreams – including call plans, IC reports, alignments and field / brand reports.
  • Territory alignments
  • Incentive compensation
    • Design and implement incentive compensation structure for your field teams, MSLs, inside Reps, etc. – aligned to brand vision and launch objectives
  • Sampling optimization
  • Omnichannel platform
    • Execution and analytics across sales, marketing and digital
  • Market access analytics & reporting


Execute efficiently while measuring, optimizing and refining your strategy and investments.  EVERSANA’s in-market solutions are designed for seamless operations and ongoing optimization based on real-world data & evidence.
Key Services and Solutions:
  • Marketing mix / ROI
    • Assess brand performance across customer segments & channels of promotion – optimize effort (sales & marketing) & budget allocation
  • Data strategy
    • Build your data and analytics strategy – and implement relevant infrastructure (e.g. cloud platform, data contracts, reporting ) necessary for launch operations
  • Performance reporting (Tableau / PowerBI)
    • Assess salesforce effectiveness
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Data infrastructure, ops, MDM, quality
  • CRM implementation
  • Custom applications

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