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Anne Marie Robertson

Executive Vice President, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™


Brand Plan Development, Commercialization, Forecasting Activities, Launch Readiness, Management, Oncology, Patient Journey, Product Launch, Rare Disease

Anne Marie is helping EVERSANA deliver value to stakeholders across the life sciences industry. Through her multi-decade career at prominent large and small pharmaceutical companies, she has become a proven biopharma leader driving cross-functional teams. Specifically, Anne Marie has a record of successfully launching oncology therapies, such as Erbitux, Inlyta and Akynzeo, as well as developing new indications for in-market therapies. Her ability to set launch strategy and create science-based differentiation allows Anne Marie to leverage marketing strategies for clients globally while establishing and meeting launch metrics and driving overall brand value.

Anne Marie has an MBA from Baruch College of the City University of New York and a Bachelor of Science in biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Early in her career Anne Marie was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Africa.

Articles by Anne Marie Robertson

FDA Guidance and Considerations for Scientific Exchange Communication Strategies

In light of draft guidance issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the communication of scientific information of unapproved uses (SIUU) of approved medical medical products, EVERSANA continues to assess the potential risk and opportunity for more informative conversations between pharmaceutical manufacturer representatives and healthcare providers (HCPs) regarding the care of individual […]

Evolving Dynamics in Oncology: Considerations for Overcoming Commercialization Challenges and Driving Greater Impact

The oncology market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by innovations in therapies like biomarker-directed and cell-and-gene therapies. These advancements contribute to improved overall and progression-free survival in various cancer types. However, challenges arise from accelerated approvals and meeting confirmatory trials, leading to withdrawals of oncology drugs. With the increasing complexity of data, navigating regulatory intricacies, […]

Transforming Pharmaceutical Commercialization: Eight Key Insights for Success

Unlock the keys to successful pharmaceutical commercialization with our latest article: “Transforming Pharmaceutical Commercialization: Eight Key Insights for Success.” This insightful piece explores crucial, actionable strategies to transform your approach to drug launch. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover: Eight Key Insights for Success  1. Tailor Your Team: Learn why scaling your team to […]

Overcoming the Commercialization Challenges of Personalized Cancer Immunotherapies

Personalized cancer immunotherapies are emerging as a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment, aiming to provide individualized therapies based on a patient’s specific genetic makeup. The FDA has not yet approved any personalized cancer immunotherapies, creating an intense race within pharma to be the first mover.   These therapies have the potential to overcome the limitations of […]

Accelerated Approval Pathways: Manufacturers Left to Grapple With Risk Versus Reward

Oncology and hematology are extremely complex, crowded and chaotic therapeutic areas. With 30% of drug approvals by the FDA occurring in the oncology and hematology space, manufacturers of these high-science brands are often faced with unprecedented pressure to accelerate their speed to market to make a positive clinical impact on patients and the industry. To […]

Pivot Pros: How EVERSANA Course Corrected When the Market Changed

Traditional commercialization models lack the insights, flexibility and agility to synthesize and react to real-time data. If you needed to quickly pivot your strategy to ensure the success of your therapy in market, would your commercialization partner be prepared to act in your best interest?   In this case study, EVERSANA’s oncology experts respond to a […]

Reversing the Complexity of Oncology Commercialization: How to solve for launch challenges in a chaotic ecosystem

As physicians, patients and caregivers tirelessly fight complex diseases, a growing number of drug manufacturers are preparing to launch new oncology therapies. These high-science therapies are entering the market at rapid rates: Presently, there are 500 active cell and gene therapy agents in clinical development, with a great momentum building for immuno-oncology treatments. The Oncology […]

PharmaVOICE Webinar: Next Gen Commercialization Model for Oncology

In a new 60-minute virtual panel, “Next Gen Commercial Models in Oncology,” PharmaVOICE Editor Taren Grom sat down with industry leaders to discuss how changing market dynamics and a rich pipeline in oncology are creating a need for next gen commercial models.

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