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Accelerate Digital Medicine & Telemedicine

Advancing the Adoption and Commercialization of Digital Health Solutions Across Life Sciences

New Market Conditions Demand New Strategies

Patients, Providers, and Payers are expecting healthcare to be more accessible, intuitive and adaptable to their needs. Barriers that have held back innovation in Digital Medicine and Telemedicine have been blasted apart with recent relaxing of requirements by CMS and HHS, continuing advances within FDA’s Digital Health program, and additional reimbursement opportunities that are emerging globally.

We Are Uniquely Positioned To Deliver

EVERSANA’s end-to-end commercialization services (including patient support and adherence models), enabling life sciences companies to: 

  • Impact brand planning and optimize performance with digital health solutions, to provide personalized support based on real-world insights. 
  • Improve outcomes through next-generation patient services, and meet the demands of value-based care using digital health solutions and human-based support to deliver integrated therapy and condition management services. 

EVERSANA is uniquely positioned to introduce new models and strategies to maximize the value of pharmaceutical products through Digital Medicine Solutions and Execution. Digital Solutions can be deployed to impact the entire life cycle of a product in unprecedented ways.

Business Opportunity We Help Capture

Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Companies

Industry wide interest in digital medicines means that pharma companies are in a race to develop solutions that complement their pharma products – organizations need to make sure that they are not at a competitive disadvantage.

Pharma products and pipelines are being driven towards integrated digital solutions for various reasons:

• Product differentiation
• Patent extension or optimization
• Improving outcomes
• Improving adherence
• Containing drop-off
• Meeting Consumer Expectations, Clinician Expectations, payer Expectations
• Improving brand-connectivity with patients

Opportunity for Digital Health Companies

We are now more aware than ever before of the critical need and potential for digital medicine and telehealth to relieve the burden on the healthcare system, reduce unnecessary office visits, limit the spread of disease, and decrease cost.

Many healthcare providers and patients are experiencing virtual care for the first time, and as the outbreak wanes, patients, caregivers, and consumers are likely to desire increased access to remote care and demand access to new digital medicine technologies.

Digital Medicine Business Challenges

EVERSANA’s work with senior executives in both pharmaceutical and technology companies has uncovered the top digital medicine questions that they seek answers to. Here are the Top 5 Questions asked by both Pharma and Digital Medicine companies.

  • Pharma: Top 5 Questions

    1. How does digital medicine complement our existing portfolio of traditional pharma products?
    2. What level of investment is required; what is the expected return?
    3. Should we develop digital medicines ourselves or partner with a technology company?
    4. How can we find the best technology partners to support our digital medicine ambition
    5. What does a good partnership look like in digital medicine?

  • Digital: Top 5 Questions

    1. How can we successfully bring our product to market?
    2. What is our business model – B2C, B2B, B2P?
    3. How can we successfully navigate the regulatory, access and reimbursement landscape?
    4. How can we work with other digital medicine companies to shape the landscape
    5. Who is the most suitable commercialization partner?

Examples of Digital Medicine Projects

  • Market /Landscape Assessments

    Is there an unmet need? Who are your competitors and what is their advantage? Our team will map can map it out with a 360 degree view on market.

  • Commercialization Strategy & Support

    B2B, B2P, B2C ... Let us help you figure out the right strategy for success, or support you in scaling up commercialization of your product.

  • Regulatory Strategy & Submissions

    Pre-subs, breakthrough pathway, software quality systems. Our experts can help find the right path.

  • Market Access Strategy

    Who will pay and how much will they pay? We have a captive panel of payers to find the answers.

  • Partnership Strategy

    We can help match your solution with the right pharma partners to maximize patient access.

  • Customer Engagement Framework

    Digital expertise to help you engage your patients in innovate ways.

EVERSANA’s Experience in Digital Medicine

  • Product Development

    Product Development

    Clinical trial design Business model creation Privacy Data management UX

  • Environment Shaping

    Environment Shaping

    Regulatory Reimbursement Price Market access/HEOR Customer education

  • Commercialization


    Marketing Distribution Sales Product iteration

Experts & Resources

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