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Government Pricing & Compliance

Government Pricing for Pharma

Stay ahead of a changing regulatory environment. 

The complex pharmaceuticals regulatory framework changes at a breathtaking pace. All indicators point to continued acceleration now and in the future. 

Remaining both compliant and competitive requires expanded expertise and resources. EVERSANA helps our clients respond quickly and adapt to government pricing processes without sacrificing your competitive advantage. Our unique compliance accelerators provide you with support in every phase to reduce audit risk, minimize the risk of fines and set the stage for smoother internal operations. 

What we provide to our clients: 

정부 가격정책 관련 전문지식 

  • GP price factor calculations out-source 
  • SOP 개발 
  • 제품 및 고객 마스터 파일 유지관리 및 모니터링 
  • 정부 계약 관리 
  • Adhoc advisory services 
  • 장단기 인력 보강 서비스 

GP 위반 교정 

  • 산출 진단 평가 
  • GP 재확인 및 교정 프로젝트 

주 정부 Medicaid 청구서 처리 

  • Medicaid 및 기타 주 정부 프로그램 환급 청구서 처리 
  • 청구서 활용 검증 테스트 
  • 에스크로 계정을 통한 청구서 지급 

Why struggle with government pricing regulations when you can be free to concentrate on your business? Leave the regulatory concerns to us!

While we take care of all the legalities and regulations of government pricing and compliance, you get the liberty to focus on the important and lucrative aspects of the business, like incentives, rebates, chargebacks and ROI. Our compliance management systems are dynamic and can adapt according to the updates and modifications made to the regulatory framework of GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance Management).