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Custom Market Research & Insights

Make better, more informed decisions across the healthcare continuum.

EVERSANA’s Custom Market Research & Insights, driven by proven methodology and 25+ years of subject matter expertise, help you understand the factors that influence key stakeholder decision making,

Our client commitment means that we approach each and every engagement with passion, experience and a drive for quality results.  Our primary research approach, that includes custom solutions with global reach, gives you access to industry experts, both internal and external, and includes a proprietary panel with professional moderators and leadership expertise.

Supporting clients throughout the product life cycle:

Market Development

Maximize patient access and commercial and communications success through:

  • Positioning, communications platform testing
  • TPP, claims resonance
  • Journeys: HCP, patient, payer
  • Message resonance
  • Market landscape
  • Market segmentation
  • Commercial viability studies
  • Payer/employer value proposition, differentiation
  • Demand, forecast input
  • Pricing & contracting strategy

Launch and Growth

Accelerate value through:

  • Launch & outreach effectiveness studies
  • Creative campaign assessments
  • Customer engagement: ATU, KPIs, sales metrics
  • Voice of the customer
  • Message effectiveness as drivers of prescribing
  • Representative -HCP studies
  • Payer/IDN/heath systems success tracking
  • Patient assistance effectiveness
  • Market dynamics


Glean insights for sustained value through:

  • Market dynamics
  • Communications POA, message relaunch
  • Competitive threats
  • Tracking: KPIs, sales, ATU
  • Protocols and pathways, EHR penetration
  • Assessment of patient, HCP program success
  • Cannibalization, churn for new client launches/ portfolio impact

Loss of Exclusivity Prep and New Brands

Extend the product lifecycle and enhance brand performance through:

  • Contracting, rebate, pricing refinement
  • Brand defense evaluation: SKUs, devices, line extensions
  • Biosimilar, generic share impact, forecast input
  • Portfolio optimization – patient mitigation to internal brands
  • Impact on new client launches: cannibalization, churn

Custom Market Research & Insights

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