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Patient Services and Hubs

Patient Services and Hubs assesses the importance/value, use, and satisfaction level of patient service programs, highlighting industry best practices and supporting company efforts to improve patient access to autoimmune, oncology, and rare disease therapies, while allowing customization for other therapeutic areas.

  • Which patient services achieve highest value and use among providers and patients?

  • Which best practices in patient services can most effectively improve patient access for brands?

  • How do brands perform against competitors on patient services satisfaction level and use, and what quarter-by-quarter performance trends exist?

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of leading hub vendors?

  • How is the market evolving, and which future growth trends should companies monitor to optimize responses?

Use Patient Services and Hubs to:

  • Benchmark patient service programs with the user experience, measuring use and satisfaction level of services by category and brand
  • Improve communications and messaging to providers and patients
  • Develop metrics to evaluate hub vendor contract performance
  • Identify best practices in patient service programs in applicable therapeutic areas
  • Identify unmet needs and opportunities to improve competitive differentiation of branded patient service programs
  • Patient Service Benchmarks March June September December
    • Ratings of key program components according to provider (prescriber vs. office staff) and patient experiences, accessible in a dynamic, interactive database, with quarterly updates highlighting shifts in program utilization and satisfaction
    • Brief summaries of patient support programs for leading drugs within each therapeutic market
  • Patient Services Best Practices April
    • Evaluation of current industry standards and user experiences with patient service programs
    • Overall assessment of best practices and strategies in patient service programs and hub utilization
  • Hub Vendor Profiles July
    • Comprehensive set of profiles, including the leading patient service and hub vendors in the industry
  • Outlook 2024 November
    • Assessment of future growth trends affecting patient service needs and hub utilization, including insights on influence of drug pipeline, revenue growth needs and demands, healthcare reform, government, and technology enhancements and modifications

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