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Measuring Willingness to Pay: The Next Access Frontier

EVERSANA’s APAC Team Authors: Robin Arnold, Lakshmi Pragna Kalavacharla, Utkarsh Sahu

Patient access to expensive healthcare poses a significant challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. As the cost of developing innovative medicines rises, the demand for accessibility as a basic human right increases. This POV explores the evolution of Patient Access Programs (PAPs) from financial to value-based models, emphasizing the need to address patient willingness to pay for treatments. Despite financial accessibility assurances, some patients still hesitate due to various factors, prompting the need to measure willingness to pay independently of financial status.

This POV delves into the complexities of assessing willingness to pay and highlights the lack of established methods in the pharmaceutical industry. It presents various methods used in other industries, discussing their drawbacks and challenges when applied to pharma. The authors propose the necessity for novel methods and algorithms to measure individual willingness to pay.

EVERSANA’s commitment to supporting innovative approaches in this realm is emphasized, aiming to hyper-customize discounts based on both treatment affordability and patient willingness to pay, ultimately improving treatment initiation and outcomes.

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