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Evolving Dynamics in Oncology: Considerations for Overcoming Commercialization Challenges and Driving Greater Impact

The oncology market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by innovations in therapies like biomarker-directed and cell-and-gene therapies. These advancements contribute to improved overall and progression-free survival in various cancer types. However, challenges arise from accelerated approvals and meeting confirmatory trials, leading to withdrawals of oncology drugs. With the increasing complexity of data, navigating regulatory intricacies, and launching products at record speeds, manufacturers face hurdles in infrastructure development, risk spending, and effectively communicating the value of therapies.

In this latest article authored by Anne Marie Robertson, Suzanne Greenwood and Sneha Varma to view key considerations to bolster your commercial strategy and explore innovative approaches designed to meet modern market complexities.

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Anne Marie Robertson
Executive Vice President, EVERSANA COMPLETE Oncology

Anne Marie is helping EVERSANA deliver value to stakeholders across the life sciences industry. Through her multi-decade career at prominent large and small pharmaceutical companies, she has become a proven biopharma leader driving cross-functional…

Suzanne Greenwood, RN, BSN
Chief Commercial Officer, Oncology

Suzanne Greenwood is a biopharmaceutical executive leader with 25+ years oncology experience, strong leadership skills and demonstrated performance excellence in general commercial management with both domestic and international markets, sales, medical, strategic planning, negotiation,…

Sneha Varma
Product Manager, Product Manager, Commercial (Oncology)

Sneha Varma is a product manager with 8+ years of experience in sales, marketing (brand management) and commercial strategy. She has a proven track record of success in driving revenue growth, launching new products…