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Client Success Story

the situation

The Situation

  • Long-term client with multiple marketed products in respiratory and CNS therapeutic areas, expanded its product portfolio with launch of new atypical antipsychotic product.
  • The product was initially approved for schizophrenia and then multiple additional indications.
  • The product also had a significant direct-to-consumer advertising campaign.
  • The client needed to scale up support to handle influx in medical inquiries in particular with responding to non-standard medical information inquiries in which standard response documents or FAQs are not available. 
  • Additionally, increased patient / consumer inquiry volumes due to extensive DTC campaign
the solution

The Solution

  • EVERSANA had a long-term relationship with client and worked closely to ensure adequate staffing to manage the expanded product portfolio
  • EVERSANA worked with the client to develop a comprehensive training plan including in-depth training on therapeutic disease state, clinical efficacy and safety data to ensure the MI contact center can expertly manage the MI inquiries.
  • The client was pleased with the quality of support from the MI contact center team and requested the team to help support researching and drafting of custom responses to manage the high volume of non-standard inquiries. 
the results

The Results

  • Handling case volumes as high as 600+ cases/month.
  • EVERSANA developed a comprehensive MI contact center support for the Client to not only manage front-line contact center handling of inquiries but also to help support custom response content development. This allowed the client medical affairs team more time to revise and develop additional MI standard responses.
  • The client was confident of EVERSANA’s capability to manage the increased MI case volume and leverage the EVERSANA MI team to manage additional capabilities.  The client has provided numerous positive feedback of the high quality of EVERSANA MI contact center and content development capabilities.

Handling case volumes as high as 600+ cases a month.


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