The 50th Annual Infusion Nursing Society Meeting

Join EVERSANA in Boston, Massachusetts April 1-4 at Booth 31 for the 50th Annual Infusion Nursing Society Meeting! EVERSANA will actively be recruiting nurse contractors to join our Patient Minded team. Complete INS Meeting attendance registration here.

Registered Nurse Contractor Recruitment

EVERSANA’s registered nurse (RN) contractors are a vital part of our growing team! Core responsibilities include:

  • Provide high-quality, skilled, in-home Infusion therapy (most often prescribed weekly. Anticipated infusion time is 1 hour).
  • Complete visit-specific nursing documentation.
  • Provide focused clinical education and support to patients, family and caregivers, as appropriate.
  • Establish the prescribed visit/infusion timeline in conjunction with the patient and/or caregiver’s availability. Communicate with the patient and/or caregiver directly regarding visit scheduling.
  • Reconcile medications and supplies to ensure availability for upcoming infusions.
  • Communicate with prescribing physician, EVERSANA Clinical Nurse Coordinator and Pharmacists all significant changes (ex. Dose or infusion changes, compliance issues, patient overall condition, issues of therapy tolerance) while strictly adhering to EVERSANA HIPAA regulations
  • Participate in on-going quality improvement initiatives (ex. On-site visits accompanied by a nurse surveyor, documentation review, patient surveys, and other measurement/analysis tools).

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EVERSANA’s Customized Care Promotes Adoption and Adherence

Increased use of in-home infusions has drastically altered the site of care for patients. Alternative patient care and therapy administration models are essential to ensure manufacturers have the capabilities to treat patients at their preferred site of care.

EVERSANA’s nationwide network of mobile healthcare professionals has established EVERSANA as a leader of in-home care and clinical support, specializing in all disease states and therapies.

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals offers high-touch support to provide a smooth onboarding process, identify barriers of access, create a patient-specific plan of care and report outcomes. EVERSANA engages our patients with regular follow-ups to build long-lasting relationships that promote medication adherence and patient satisfaction.

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