EVERSANA Sponsors CBI’s HUB, SPP and e-Services Conference

Accelerating the prescribing process through enhanced access support

CBI’s annual Hub and SPP conference is the gold standard event convening key stakeholders – manufacturers, specialty pharmacies, hubs, payers, PBMs and physicians – to explore strategies for developing and integrating hub programs and other patient-centric services to ensure product access and maximized reimbursement.

Join the EVERSANA team for an informative panel featuring Brian Davis, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation:

 “The Science of Human Resiliency — Behavioral Health Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes and Adherence”

  • Identify the main barriers to communicating with patients.
  • Consider the different technologies and channels available based on patient demographics and behaviors, including texting, email, phone calls, social media platforms, etc.
  • Analyze the growth of the mobile health market as well as digital therapeutics.
  • Navigate compliance and systems considerations with new technology and communication channels.

Moderator: John Wiedemann, Director of Patient Support Services, Retrophin

Panelists: Bob Gold, Founder and Chief Behavioral Technologist, GoMo Health; and Brian Davis, EVERSANA

Date: Wednesday, September 30

Time: 10:15 am PDT

Personalized Patient Solutions & Engagement Improve Adherence

Each patient takes a different path to medication adherence: One patient may be compliant to their allergy medication when prompted by a smart phone notification, while another uses a calendar to keep track.

EVERSANA’s next generation patient services utilizes predictive analytics and behavioral technology to give patients the personalized support they need to achieve greater adherence.

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