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Current Trends in Medical Review of Promotional and Non-Promotional Materials

Medical Information (MI) plays a crucial role in addressing inquiries from healthcare professionals, payors, and patients/caregivers and ensuring pharmaceutical products’ safe, effective, and appropriate use. However, MI teams often have other important responsibilities beyond the scope of traditional MI services.   

EVERSANA conducted a survey in 2023 to assess current trends and to better understand Medical Affairs (MA)/MI teams’ support needs regarding medical review of promotional and non-promotional materials as part of MLR review committees. The online questionnaire was sent to companies that EVERSANA currently provides MI/MA services for, in addition to being shared on LinkedIn by EVERSANA’s MA leadership. A total of 28 pharmaceutical companies responded to the survey, with 17 representing   small-sized (61%), 6 large-sized (21%), 4 mid-sized (14%), and 1 emerging (4%). 

Below are some key findings from the survey:  

  • Challenges in securing funding and headcount despite the criticality of medical review.  
  • While third-party support is common, AI adoption for review remains low.  
  • Measurement of performance and metrics could aid justification for resources and enhance internal and external support. 
  • Third-party services may complement internal teams amidst resource constraints. 

To view the full survey results and conclusions, download the posters now. 

Michael DeLuca
Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs

Mike currently serves as Senior Vice President of Medical affairs at EVERSANA. With 20+ years of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry experience in multiple leadership roles, he holds extensive experience in medical information, medical communications,…

Varun Pandey, PhD
Director, Medical Information & Medical Affairs Strategic Operations - India

Varun is a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise in scientific research and medical communications, spanning both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. His extensive background includes leadership roles in scientific publications and…

Mary Mehrabian, PharmD, BCGP, BCMAS
Associate Director of Global Content Development and Medical Review

Mary Mehrabian is the Associate Director, Global Head of Content Development and Medical Review at EVERSANA, leading teams of medical writers, medical fact checkers, medical reviewers, and MLR coordinators in the United States, Europe,…