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EVERSANA’s Medical Information (MI) team has been providing MI contact services for 20+ years and has supported 200+ clients. Our leadership team has extensive experience in Medical Information and Medical Affairs globally, with service provider experience and direct pharmaceutical industry experience as well. We actively monitor industry trends and best practices across people, process, and technology. Our leaders are also active participants in Medical Information/Medical Affairs professional societies and often attend relevant professional meetings.


Download our latest white papers and thought-leadership articles and watch videos from our leadership team.

  • Understanding Current Trends and Needs: Medical Information Contact Center Services 詳細情報
  • Customer Centric Approach to Medical Affairs Leveraging Digital Technology 詳細情報
  • Importance of Impactful Medical Information Content 詳細情報
  • Integrated Communication Channels Enhance Customer Engagement and Drive Future Decision-Making 詳細情報
  • Case Study: Operational Excellence Matters 詳細情報
  • Considerations for Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 詳細情報

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