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Navigating your toughest market challenges requires speed, accuracy and a focus on globally oriented solutions. 

NAVLIN by EVERSANA is a single, integrated global ecosystem that helps you answer your most challenging price and access questions. We synergize data, software and insights, covering over 100 markets, to help you plan, evaluate and execute pricing strategies that drive global access.  

Discover the Unique NAVLIN Platform

  • Powerful, timely and accurate competitor data you can trust: More than just data, NAVLIN is the industry’s most comprehensive database of global pricing and market access intelligence, with everything you need in a single platform.
  • Enterprise pricing, governance & management software: NAVLIN is the first comprehensive enterprise software solution to address global pricing challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The software module enables you to quickly visualize various pricing scenarios and take control by making pharmaceutical pricing governance decisions across global markets with an easy-to-use workflow process.
  • Deepest insights on your most pressing market access needs: The NAVLIN research and insights module drives deeper analysis, visibility and transparency to key market activities across market, channel, brand, account, patient and global access. These insights are all derived from a robust stakeholder panel, providing critical answers to your specific payer, marketing and market access questions.


Real-time, best-in-class data

  • Gain access to competitor pricing, HTA decisions, reimbursement, tender and cost of treatment data and more
  • 650 global sources monitored daily for price, HTA, policy and tender data
  • +99% accuracy of real-time reimbursement, HTA and tender data
  • Updates made in less than 24 hours from time of publication

Sophisticated, proprietary pricing models

  • Visualize the impact of your pricing strategies with predictive pricing models. 
  • Optimize your global return on investment with our proprietary Launch Sequence Optimization (LSO) algorithm. 
  • Understand risk and forecast impact of proposed pricing changes with our International Reference Pricing (IRP) simulators. 

Industry-leading market research insights

  • Access vital insights in real-time through the online portal.
  • Leverage unparalleled depth of insight on the U.S. market. 
  • Plan your strategy with support from our growing library of global insights. 
  • Quickly create custom market research surveys, using our established panel of over 4,000 medical and pharmacy decision-making executives, and receive answers within hours. 

Data security compliant with ISO 27001 certification

Feel confident in the safety and security of your proprietary information and insights. 

Industry-First Service

  • 24×7  continuous operations & support
  • 99.8% customer satisfaction with market research insights

Our Vision

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Explore the NAVLIN Modules

  • Price & Access Data

    Gain access to competitor pricing, HTA decisions, reimbursement, tender and cost of treatment data and more.

  • Created by Tippawan Sookruayfrom the Noun Project
    Research & Insights

    Deepest insights on your most pressing market access needs.

  • Price & Access Software

    Sophisticated, proprietary pricing models to optimize launch and visualize pricing impact.

  • Created by Delwar Hossainfrom the Noun Project
    Proprietary Expert Panel

    Research Panel of healthcare professionals representing a wide cross-section of payers, health systems/hospitals, employers, GPOs, retail and specialty pharmacy provider decision-makers.

  • 収益管理

    All critical revenue management operations brought together in one innovative and integrated digital platform.



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