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Medical Content Development Landscape 

It is important to have multiple channels for outreach engagement and fit-for-purpose content and format. Content must be user friendly, easy to navigate and digest for all stakeholders, and digital friendly and relevant for self-service medical portals, live chat and chatbots. As a result, MI departments are transforming content by leveraging infographics, interactive content and other creative formats to better meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.   

EVERSANA offers comprehensive end-to-end support for MI content development, including development of Scientific Response Documents (SRDs), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Custom Response Documents (CRDs). 

Content Development Process 

EVERSANA provides end-to-end support for MI content development from template and style guide creation, content identification, content development, and review and approval support.  

When it comes to developing and maintaining MI resource documents, EVERSANA assists with: 

  • Developing style guides and templates for SRDs and FAQs 
  • Identifying topics and resources to be developed 
  • Establishing project plans for content development, both for launch planning and any major updates or revisions 
  • Developing new SRDs, FAQs, etc., and assist with updates and maintenance 
  • Assisting with converting existing content to new templates and formats 
  • Assisting with loading materials into client content management systems (e.g., Veeva Vault) for review and approvals 

Why EVERSANA’S Medical Content Development Services 

EVERSANA partners with each client to strategically assemble a project plan to create and deliver content in a timely fashion to meet their needs. Developing impactful medical content and achieving and sustaining results requires a passion for innovation, client delight and continuous improvement.  

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