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Pioneering the Path: How Medical Affairs is Charting the Course for Pre- and Post-Launch Strategies

Early involvement of Medical Affairs in the product lifecycle is not just beneficial – it is mission critical. In the swiftly changing realm of advanced therapies like biosimilars, rare disease molecules, and cell and gene therapies, a strong scientific interpretation and orientation is essential. Medical Affairs teams are stepping up to this challenge, actively shaping the trajectory of new interventions right from their inception. 

Gone are the days when Medical Affairs merely acted as a liaison between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. Today, Medical Affairs teams are indispensable strategic partners, deeply involved in crafting the very foundation of a product’s journey.  

In her latest article, Arshi Gupta discusses the evolving role of Medical Affairs in shaping the healthcare landscape. She highlights how drug manufacturers should: 

  • Drive integrated evidence strategies,  
  • Build medicalized engagement strategies and  
  • Harness the power of medical insights to adapt to market demands. 

Download the article to learn how Medical Affairs teams and activities redefine healthcare delivery and serve as a vital link between clinical deployment and product commercialization to improve patient outcomes.  

Arshi Gupta
Senior Partner, EVERSANA Management Consulting

Arshi Gupta, Senior Partner at EVERSANA Management Consulting, has 15+ years of experience working in the healthcare and life sciences industry. She has been at the forefront of global efforts at leading biopharmaceutical companies…