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Market Shaping Activation Model

What Is Market Shaping?

As the leader of integrated commercialization partnerships, EVERSANA is redefining how pharma manufacturers prepare the market for the launch or repositioning of their products. Market shaping is necessary to develop a market need for the therapy and build brand awareness across an array of stakeholders.

Our deep bench of industry experts across every facet of commercialization – market access, value and evidence, patient services, regulatory, marketing and sales, data and analytics, market research, global pricing and creative – collectively develop a compelling brand value story that will resonate with patients, providers, payers and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs). This holistic approach better informs pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies and tactics to heighten awareness and promote therapy uptake.

Synthesize & Right-Size Your Resources

Value-driven launch strategies must go beyond traditional sales territory mapping, target lists, training and tactical value propositions. EVERSANA’s compelling brand value story, coupled with the holistic and effective coordination of frontline teams – Commercial, Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs), Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Clinical Nurse Educators (CNEs) – ensures the right patients get the right therapy at the right time. With the right targeting and proper training in hybrid models, you don’t need to assume that an “army” of reps is the only option to market shaping.

Manufacturers now have a new opportunity to optimize stakeholder engagement and convert virtual and in-person interactions into scripts sooner. In doing so, manufacturers have the ability to “right-size” NAMs, KAMs, FRMs, MSLs and CNEs, giving them access to leverage actionable data, optimize connectivity and execute across the ecosystem – the key to success.

The Rise of IDNs as a Key Stakeholder

As of May 2024, nearly 70% of physicians in the United States are employed by hospitals, health systems and corporate entities – a significant surge from less than 50% a mere decade ago. This trend underscores a seismic shift in healthcare delivery, as practitioners increasingly opt to join IDNs. To optimize drug access and utilization, today’s pharma/life sciences commercialization models must deploy a top-down and bottom-up approach — sharing data-driven messaging that not only informs prescribers but resonates with the IDN’s clinical and business objectives, as well. In their latest article, EVERSANA’s experts explore actionable recommendations for pharma brand teams to optimize their engagement strategies within the evolving stakeholder landscape. Read now.

Why Is EVERSANA the Best Partner in Market Shaping?

There are so many interdependencies in the “Market Shaping Ecosystem.” At EVERSANA, our teams work together to align, adopt and adapt to the everchanging dynamics of the complex pharma industry. Our market-shaping team of experts work symbiotically with our partners to develop, optimize and pivot strategies to ensure commercialization success.

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