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Transforming Pharmaceutical Commercialization: Eight Key Insights for Success

Unlock the keys to successful pharmaceutical commercialization with our latest article: “Transforming Pharmaceutical Commercialization: Eight Key Insights for Success.” This insightful piece explores crucial, actionable strategies to transform your approach to drug launch.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover:

Eight Key Insights for Success 
1. Tailor Your Team: Learn why scaling your team to fit the asset regulatory timeline is crucial for success.  

2. Empower Your Teams: Establish a governance structure that empowers your teams and fits your organization’s culture.

3. Integrate Clinical and Commercial: Drive better outcomes by integrating clinical and commercial teams from the start.

4. Engage Stakeholders: Understand the importance of stakeholder engagement in shaping perspectives and driving success. 

5. Harness Data Insights: Avoid shifts in strategy by letting real-world data and insights inform your decisions.

6. Focus on the Essentials: Ensure financial, supply chain and medical operations are ready for a seamless launch.

7. Secure Market Access: Demonstrate value to payers early on and pave the way for successful market access.

8. Patient-Centric Approach: Create an environment that focuses on patient support for sustained success. 

Ready to elevate your commercialization game? Download this article from Anne Marie RobertsonKeith Steward, Tim Healey and Jennifer Meeuwsen to learn more about how to achieve peak commercial readiness.


Anne Marie Robertson
Executive Vice President, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™

Anne Marie is helping EVERSANA deliver value to stakeholders across the life sciences industry. Through her multi-decade career at prominent large and small pharmaceutical companies, she has become a proven biopharma leader driving cross-functional…

Tim Healey
Chief Commercial Officer – Integrated Offerings

Tim is bringing a global perspective to life sciences product launches and end-to-end commercialization. With more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, his career has included numerous executive-level positions at leading industry companies.…

Keith Steward
Executive Director, Scientific & Medical Affairs

Keith has over 20 years of global pharmaceutical/biotech industry experience.  Most recently Keith served as Senior VP Medical Affairs at Medexus Pharmaceuticals and prior to that, Global head of Medical Affairs at QED Therapeutics.  He has held several executive…