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Critical Success Factors for Launching Products with Fast Track, PRIME, or ILAP Designation

Launching Fast Track, PRIME, and ILAP therapies successfully requires careful planning and execution. This white paper provides insights on how to shape the product’s trajectory and control its success. It emphasizes the importance of early planning, including creating a sense of urgency, developing a launch plan, and establishing clear accountability. Understanding the patient journey, identifying key leakage points, and developing a robust customer engagement model are crucial for success. Additionally, the paper highlights the significance of customer segmentation, health economic outcome research, prelaunch market shaping, and post-launch flexibility while maintaining consistency. By following these best practices, commercialization teams can maximize the potential of accelerated product launches and overcome challenges in the market.

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Timothy Bass, a Principal at EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, brings 18+ years of experience in commercial and medical strategy in industry and consulting. He has worked throughout the product lifecycle from pre-clinical, clinical development, early-stage,…