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Reignite Mature Brand Revenue

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Value Is Being Destroyed … And It Won’t Automatically Return

Consider the facts… vulnerable mature brands lost over $3.9 billion of revenue over a nine-month time frame.

Billions of dollars of revenue and tens of billions of dollars of market valuation have been erased in pharma over the last year due to COVID-related market conditions. These are funds that could have been used to reinvest in clinical development, disease state education and other critical efforts that translate to improved healthcare value for patients, providers and payers.

Rebounding Efforts Need to Start Now

Vulnerable mature brands require a certain degree of market awareness, disease education and patient interaction with HCPs to understand and identify these products for appropriate use. As these brands’ revenue profiles continue to deteriorate during the course of the pandemic, so do the attention and investment they receive, as well as the already limited brand awareness they have in the healthcare ecosystem.

Returning back to “normal revenue levels” is not something that should be assumed will automatically happen once the pandemic is “under control.”


Purposefully Built to Act as Your Engine to Reignite Revenue. Imagine not having to divest your mature brand portfolio or maintain it “as is.”

We have built a foundation you can customize for your product needs. Activate a complete, ready-to-deploy, high-performance model that can shape and execute a path to turn the performance of these brands and generate significant value from a clinical and financial perspective.

We are committed to:

  • maximizing the value of your brand portfolio
  • accelerating the path to revenue recovery


Contact us to discuss how to Reignite Revenue for your Mature Brand portfolio.