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The Role of Chief Patient Officers

A Seat of Influence.

Patients rely on us not only to develop life-saving therapies, but also for help in developing strategies to ensure that they can access those therapies. The role of the Chief Patient Officer has significant influence across a pharma organization by ensuring that the patient, arguably our most important stakeholder, is engaged in every phase of the pre-commercial and commercialization strategies of drug manufacturing.  As a key senior leader, the CPO makes sure that the patient is kept at the center of key business decisions, the manufacturer truly partners with patients and patient organizations, and helps all team members within the organization understand how their role connects to the patient.  By doing all these things, the patient becomes part of the organization’s DNA and trust is ultimately built both internally and externally.

As the industry continues to evolve it will be even more critical that pharma maintains its focus on the needs of the patient. Patient centricity cannot be something that is talked about, it must be something that is a real part of everything that pharma does. As products become less traditional – products like gene and digital therapies – pharma has the opportunity to be a leader across the healthcare continuum. By creating innovative solutions focused on outcomes, ensuring no disruption to access, and driving awareness and education – we have the ability to provide integrated solutions that engage patients on matters most important to them.

EVERSANA’s Kathi Henson shares her point of view in a PharmaVOICE special focus on Chief Patient Officers and Advocates.

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