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Considerations for Globalization of Medical Information Services: A Service Partner Perspective

This poster details the considerations for globalizing medical information (MI) services. Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies began in one geographical region before expanding, but evolving regulations and research priorities for rare diseases, oncology/hematology, immunology, and cell and gene therapy have led to simultaneous global regulatory filings.  

To streamline operations and maintain control, these companies partner with global MI contact center service providers and follow key recommendations. Based on EVERSANA’s experience as a global MI service provider supporting companies moving from product commercialization in only one country/region to multiple regions (either European companies bringing products to U.S. or vice versa), we compiled a robust list of recommended approaches. These include but are not limited to understanding regional regulatory strategies, standardizing procedures, leveraging MI databases, tailoring services to customer preferences, and addressing language and labelling differences.  

Download the poster to view the full list of recommendations and conclusion. 

Carolyn Quon, PharmD
Vice President, Global Medical Information Strategic Operations & Digital Solutions

Carolyn has nearly two decades of medical information call center, project management and client onboarding experience. Her focus continues to be on Medical Communications with a demonstrated track record of working successfully to support numerous clients in…

Michael DeLuca
Executive Vice President of Global Medical Affairs & Medical Information

Mike currently serves as Senior Vice President of Medical affairs at EVERSANA. With 20+ years of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry experience in multiple leadership roles, he holds extensive experience in medical information, medical communications,…

Lindsey Buyskes, B Pharm
Director, Medical Information Strategic Operations - Europe

Lindsey is a distinguished professional with over 15 years of invaluable experience in the healthcare sector, particularly within the realm of Medical Information. Her career has been marked by a profound understanding of the…

Varun Pandey, PhD
Senior Director, Medical Information & Medical Affairs Strategic Operations

Varun is a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise in scientific research and medical communications, spanning both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. His extensive background includes leadership roles in scientific publications and…