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Aligning Net Pricing with Patient Outcomes – Removing Barriers to Value-Based Contracting

While value-based contracting has long been heralded as a way to ensure the cost of life-changing and life-saving medicines are aligned with patient outcomes, the complexity in their implementation has limited adoption to just a few isolated examples. By confronting these obstacles directly with an integrated approach to commercialization, the mechanics of value measurement can be overcome, and these contracts can be easily applied to a wide variety of scenarios.

In this PharmaVOICE webinar, the panelists share key insights on:

  • Identifying Viable Scenarios:  What makes a product or therapeutic class viable for value-based contracting in certain deal structures, and the obstacles  that might make a specific scenario more difficult Securing Organizational Alignment: How to align critical stakeholders to the proposed structures with detailed modeling of financial and government pricing impacts
  • Building Payer Engagement: How to productively engage with payers and identify willing partners to pursue these contracts.
  • Simplifying Adjudication and Payment: Leveraging technology to align on terms and conditions critical to the adjudication process


  • Jim Burke, General Manager, Revenue Management Solutions, EVERSANA
  • Robert Blank, Associate Director, EVERSANA
  • Agnes Qerimi, Director, Government Pricing & Reporting, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  • Raymond Risman, VP, Contract Platform Technologies Engagement, HealthVerity

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Robert Blank
Associate Director

Robert Blank is a managing consultant at EVERSANA, working extensively in revenue management software solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. His expertise includes Medicaid and Managed Care rebates, chargebacks, and membership management.…

Jim Burke
General Manager, Revenue Management

Jim Burke leads the Revenue Management team with more than 20 years of experience optimizing gross-to-net operations for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. An established thought leader in life sciences, he drives the implementation of best practices and innovative solutions that help…