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7th Bio Partnering APAC

EVERSANA is a proud sponsor of the 7th Bio Partnering APAC.

Bio Partnering APAC Summit is scheduled to be held again in Hangzhou on March 23-24, 2023, with the theme of Adhere to the Path of Innovation, Set the Sail for Globalization. The conference will again bring together many pharmaceutical leaders and industry colleagues to gather in Hangzhou to actively seek more new opportunities for cooperation.

Connect with EVERSANA at the 7th Bio Partnering APAC Summit

EVERSANA™ 中国拥有来自不同背景的医疗健康领域专业人才,通过提供管理咨询服务,协助客户识别机会、寻找克服复杂环境和政策挑战的最佳途径。 同时,EVERSANA与中国企业携手同行,以创新的商业化方案推动产品进入欧美市场,最大化海外商业价值,根据疾病领域、市场及政策环境提供定制化策略及落地方案。

Join EVERSANA on March 23 aswe present the session Unlocking the Value of your US and EU Launches. In this session, Amardeep Udeshi, Partner will discuss how biotech companies developing innovative drugs can assess the value of their asset at each stage of development and, upon regulatory approval, leverage a new way of commercialization that preserves the value of the asset while minimizing commercial risk.

Connect with EVERSANA’s experts in-person at the 7th Bio Partnering APAC.