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Achieve Price and Access Launch Excellence in a Disrupted World

With the U.S. election behind us, the soaring costs of U.S. healthcare have become a priority for politiciansin particular, the cost of prescription drugs. Some proposed solutions involve external reference pricing from comparable countries and limiting drug price increasesThese anticipated changes in U.S. pricing policy, coupled with the downward pressure on drug budgets due to the COVID-19 pandemicsuggest that pharma companies must think globally when setting launch prices 

In this webinar, Ed Corbett and Alan Crowther discuss key challenges that can impact U.S. drug pricing and recommendations to address them, such as evaluating product portfolios and analogue pricing. The latest trends in global pricing practices will be highlighted, as well as the different factors that influence pricing strategies in various markets.  

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Alan Crowther
General Manager, Global Pricing, Access and Digital Solutions

Alan has spent close to 20 years doing commercial work for the life sciences industry. His experience includes creating innovative solutions for global pricing and access, including work on price optimization, global data collection…