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Alan Crowther

General Manager, Global Pricing, Access and Digital Solutions


Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), Data & Software (Pricing, HEOR), Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access

Alan has spent close to 20 years doing commercial work for the life sciences industry. His experience includes creating innovative solutions for global pricing and access, including work on price optimization, global data collection and analysis, and the use of advanced algorithms to support commercial decisions, including pricing.

Alan has shared his expertise and insight and has spoken extensively at a number of pharmaceutical conferences on drug and device pricing. He was previously the CEO of Alliance Life Sciences and prior to that held positions as vice president in life sciences at Adjoined/Capgemini and as managing officer in Andersen Consulting, where he led a number of large technology projects.

Alan is a graduate of Princeton University.

Articles by Alan Crowther

Key Trends in Global Product Launch

The pharmaceutical industry continues to face a multitude of changes that have the potential to directly impact launch strategy. From more recent tangible trends like a rise in cost-containment policies, to ongoing net price transparency forces and a focus on health equity, the potential to make mistakes during launch is growing.  Reasons for traditional launch sequencing include market size, opportunity and accessibility, previous launch experiences, connections and market knowledge, and default or habitual launch sequencing approaches. However, the following trends are impacting traditional approaches to launch – and giving an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to rethink market prioritization and launch.  Explore the top trends in global launch, along with their […]

Launch Sequencing and Market Prioritization in an Evolving Global Market

The world is facing a multitude of governing and legislative changes that will directly affect pharmaceutical pricing in the coming years, with many of these changes exacerbated by the pandemic. As countries become increasingly interconnected, decisions in one pharmaceutical market will have ripple effects globally. Reasons for traditional launch sequencing include market size, opportunity and accessibility, previous launch experiences, connections and market knowledge, and default or habitual launch sequencing approaches. However, recent trends are upending the traditional approaches to launch sequencing, and an opportunity exists for pharmaceutical companies to rethink market prioritization. Multiple changes are occurring around the globe, driving the need to re-evaluate launch sequencing. In this article, we […]

EPP Keynote Address: Global Pricing and Market Access Hurdles for Innovation

Global Pricing and Market Access Hurdles for Innovation In a recent keynote address at the 2021 EPP Life Sciences Pricing Conference, Alan Crowther, General Manager, EVERSANA Pricing and Market Access, discusses 4 hurdles that are serving as obstacles to innovation in global pricing and market access including: Increased pricing pressures Changing launch dynamics that impact patient access More complex global pricing dynamics Rise and changes in HTA During this session, learn how increased global collaboration can serve as a key component in solving these challenges. WATCH NOW:  

EPP Studio Live Webinar — Looking Ahead: Landscape of the Key Price and Market Access Trends in Europe

The global healthcare landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. As a result, new pricing and access trends are emerging across the EU and beyond, driving significant changes in the life sciences industry. During this EPP Studio Live webinar, “Landscape of Key Price and Market Access Trends in Europe,” Alan Crowther, General Manager, Global Products for EVERSANA, shares his insights on how:  Increased pricing pressure is being placed on mature portfolios to create room for innovation;  The launch of new products is changing, through shifting strategies in launch sequence, market prioritization;  Net price transparency and reference pricing are creating competing dynamics in the marketplace; and  Pricing regulations are changing, from price control to incentives for supply protection.    Watch the full […]

Change Is Happening in the EU: What Pharma Companies Need to Know About the European Union’s New Pharmaceutical Strategy

For the first time, the European Union is undergoing a major overhaul of its pharmaceutical industry with the new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, which was launched in late 2020.    Through this strategy, the European Union (EU) is making changes to its infrastructure with the goal of building a holistic, patient-centered, forward-looking pharmaceutical landscape for all EU member countries and patients.  Focusing on patient access, treatment affordability and sustainable innovation, the European Commission outlines four key areas in which they will take legislative and non-legislative actions to move this progressive, patient-centric plan forward:   Delivering for patients: Fulfilling unmet medical needs and ensuring accessibility and affordability of medicines    Supporting a competitive and innovative European pharmaceutical industry   Enhancing resilience: A diversified and secure supply chain, environmentally sustainable pharmaceuticals, crisis preparedness and response mechanisms   Ensuring a strong […]

Achieve Price and Access Launch Excellence in a Disrupted World

With the U.S. election behind us, the soaring costs of U.S. healthcare have become a priority for politicians—in particular, the cost of prescription drugs. Some proposed solutions involve external reference pricing from comparable countries and limiting drug price increases. These anticipated changes in U.S. pricing policy, coupled with the downward pressure on drug budgets due to the COVID-19 pandemic, suggest that pharma companies must think globally when setting launch prices.   In this webinar, Ed Corbett and Alan Crowther discuss key challenges that can impact U.S. drug pricing and recommendations to address them, such as evaluating product portfolios and analogue pricing. The latest trends in global pricing practices will be highlighted, as well as the different factors that influence pricing strategies in various markets.   Watch the full webinar:

Trends in HTA Decisions

Alan Crowther and Dr. Magdi Stino explore trends in HTA decisions from the Pricentric HTA database for all therapeutic areas and within oncology. Examining over 25 HTA bodies from 2011 to 2019, they present findings on how decisions and ratings have changed over time, whether agencies are becoming more or less restrictive and the time to decision is increasing or decreasing, and the degree of congruence between HTA bodies when they evaluate the same products for the same indications. To detail some recent trends and share approaches for using HTA data for decision-making, they leveraged information from the Pricentric HTA database, pulling data from a subset of markets to assess the trends over […]

European Pricing Platform: The State of International Reference Pricing

Worldwide, pricing policy is always in flux. In this webinar, EVERSANA’s General Manager of Global Pricing and Access, Alan Crowther, examines global trends impacting the International Reference Pricing (IRP) landscape and discusses the possible effects these could have on the United States’ proposed International Pricing Index (IPI). In this discussion, Crowther looks beyond the in-country impact to what the external impact or spillover could be in each scenario. Until now, IRP has been routine for many industrialized nations except for the United States. Today, there are 65+ markets using some form of referencing, both formally and even informally. If a single country changes its rules once every 10 years that […]

Biosimilar Pricing in Europe

This report titled Biosimilar Pricing in Europe is published by Pricentric, by EVERSANA. It examines the pricing and pricing trends of biosimilar drugs in the US and EU5. It particularly looks at the pricing of Infliximab and its effect in the markets.        

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