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제약회사는 제품을 출시할 기회가 한 번 밖에 없습니다. 따라서 이 기회를 최대한 활용해야 합니다. 강력한 계획과 전략 없이 성공적인 출시를 기대하는 것은 요행을 바라는 것일 뿐입니다. 성공적인 출시를 위해서는 전략과 계획 양쪽 측면이 모두 필요하지만 많은 기업들이 오랜 임상시험을 끝내고 나서 출시를 우선적으로 추진하지 못합니다.

당사 경험에 따르면 출시 계획을 잘 수립하면 성공률이 높아집니다. 성공적인 출시를 위한 핵심 전술은 상세하고 명확한 다부서간 출시 로드맵을 개발하고, 업무 진행도를 모니터링하고, 출시 진행도를 목표 KPI와 대조하여 모니터링하고, 소수의 중요한 요소에 선택적으로 집중하는 것입니다.

성공적인 출시를 위해 집중할 3대 분야:

  • 전략: 시장 정의, 가정사항 개발, 계획과 관리의 근간이 되는 전략적 과제 수립
  • 계획: 담당 팀, 산출물, 안건 관련 업무를 명시한 출시 계획을 수립하여 각 팀이 출시 과정을 최선으로 관리하도록 지원.
  • 관리: 출시 전, 중, 후 진행도를 모니터링하고 보조하여 각 팀의 진행 보고서 작성 지원

EVERSANA의 출시 솔루션은 입증된 출시 프레임워크를 활용하여 사업 전략, 프로젝트 관리, 자동화 기술, 분석 기술을 통합하여 계획 단계에서 출시안 이행에 이르기까지 전체 출시 계획 과정에서 고객사를 지원합니다.

사례 연구

Development of a Comprehensive Market Access Launch Roadmap and Pricing & Market Access Strategy for a Novel Treatment

Our client was launching an innovative CNS product and contacted us 16 months ahead of launch. We developed a detailed launch roadmap to use as a guide for all launch planning efforts. This roadmap itemized all market access launch deliverables and activities associated with completing them, along with timelines for completion, dependencies, and responsibilities.

We also developed a market access strategy, including value proposition with payers, positioning strategy, pricing, contracting, and plans to win in key channels based on findings from primary and secondary research with all relevant stakeholder groups.

Development of a Well-Informed and Differentiated Strategy and Launch Plan for an Emerging Biotech Player

Our client was 24 months from launching its first asset targeting patients who already had multiple treatment options.

We developed a company fact base outlining key market assumptions and researched market access, key account landscape, treatment patterns and behaviors and unmet needs. We then helped define the launch strategy based on the fact base and directional corporate guidance.

We worked with functional teams to develop and refine launch plans across the organization. To align the organization, we facilitated cross-functional meetings.

Finally, we developed a launch tracking tool to ensure all plans would be monitored and updated. Using this tool, we followed up with the client several months into the plans to evaluate progress, discuss interdependencies and issues, and provide feedback on the path forward.

Development of a Cross-Functional, Comprehensive Launch Plan in Breast Cancer

Our client was developing a lead therapy in breast cancer and needed support to develop a launch roadmap with market assumptions, launch objectives and strategies, tactics, interdependencies, milestones, and risks.

We identified and collected data to synthesize a market fact base and aligned with our client on in-going assumptions and initial launch strategy considerations.

We leveraged internal expertise and client understanding to create a launch plan template with function-specific draft launch plans. We reviewed and revised the plans in a client workshop, synthesizing outputs and incorporating additional information into a final launch plan.

A Second-Generation Asset Undergoing Phase II Trials Desired Assistance with Cross-Functional Commercial Product Planning

We began with a cross-functional meeting including disease background, market landscape, product situation assessment and a review of product strategy and plans.

We evaluated and prioritized gaps and uncertainties, followed by defining steps to close gaps.

We worked with each cross-functional team to map planning activities as inputs to a Phase III go/no-go decision together with Phase II data readouts. With positive Phase II data, we worked with the client teams to create a commercial plan and forecast that enabled them to proceed with Phase III investment.

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