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Melissa Thompson, B.Sc., MBA

Senior Vice President, Value and Evidence


Health Economic Research, HEOR

Melissa Thompson is a global thought leader in health economic and outcomes research with over 20 years of experience. Prior to joining EVERSANA, Melissa spent 13 years as a Managing Partner at Cornerstone Research Group, where she focused the development of strategies to support the global reimbursement of numerous pharmaceutical products. Melissa also has experience in the application of health economics and outcomes research to product communication, medical marketing, and sales. Melissa has a broad therapeutic knowledge-base, having worked across several disease areas for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device products.

Melissa holds an MBA with specialization in marketing and finance and a B.Sc. in Biology and Pharmacology, both from McMaster University.

Articles by Melissa Thompson, B.Sc., MBA

Considering Commercial Success During Clinical Development: Maintaining a Global Perspective

Although commercial success is the ultimate goal of pharmaceutical research and development (R&D), many new treatments do not meet expectations and fail to achieve broad global reimbursement after initial regulatory approval., This causes therapies to underperform across international markets and, more importantly, limits access for patients in need. For example, only 56% of all new drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) between March 2000 and March 2018 went on to receive a positive reimbursement recommendation by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the United Kingdom (UK)—the country’s central health technology assessment (HTA) body. Several factors contribute to suboptimal global reimbursement, including a bias toward United States (U.S.) market characteristics and the compartmentalization […]

Telling the Whole Story: An Integrated Approach to Value Proposition Creation

Market shifts are underway, emphasizing the need for value propositions that are more seamless and integrated across functions. Adapting to these changes will be critical if manufacturers want to maximize pricing opportunities and avoid missing opportunities to generate data to demonstrate their product’s value effectively with different audiences. The most robust value propositions require expertise from strategy, clinical, value and evidence, as well as agency execution, but the siloed nature of many manufacturers can make this an operational challenge. By leveraging an integrated, cross-functional approach to value proposition development, manufacturers will gain the ability to define evidence gaps, opening up more opportunities to partner with potential payers in order to […]

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