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Telling the Whole Story: An Integrated Approach to Value Proposition Creation

Market shifts are underway, emphasizing the need for value propositions that are more seamless and integrated across functions. Adapting to these changes will be critical if manufacturers want to maximize pricing opportunities and avoid missing opportunities to generate data to demonstrate their product’s value effectively with different audiences.

The most robust value propositions require expertise from strategy, clinical, value and evidence, as well as agency execution, but the siloed nature of many manufacturers can make this an operational challenge. By leveraging an integrated, cross-functional approach to value proposition development, manufacturers will gain the ability to define evidence gaps, opening up more opportunities to partner with potential payers in order to close those gaps.

This white paper will examine some of the market trends currently underway that are driving the need for a more integrated approach to value proposition development. We will also detail EVERSANA’s approach to creating more value from the value story by eliminating siloes and redundancies and aligning the value story with the health economic strategy, which is ultimately reflected in payer marketing materials.

SVP, Market Access & Patient Services

As a proven expert in market access, Ellen Cappellino is helping EVERSANA quickly and safely deliver new treatments into the hands of the physicians and patients who will benefit from them. Ellen’s broad commercial…

Katya Svoboda

Katya comes to EVERSANA Management Consulting from ICON, where she was Senior Principal/Interim Divisional Principal, Global Pricing and Market Access. In this role, Katya worked across teams on client engagements, internal initiatives, business development,…

Jeff LaVaute
Managing Director, Market Access Strategy

For more than 20 years, including over 14 years focused on payer decision-making, Jeff has helped clients execute impactful, award-winning campaigns built on an understanding of the audience’s journey and healthcare experience. He is…

Melissa Thompson, B.Sc., MBA
Senior Vice President, Value and Evidence

Melissa Thompson is a global thought leader in health economic and outcomes research with over 20 years of experience. Prior to joining EVERSANA, Melissa spent 13 years as a Managing Partner at Cornerstone Research…