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Arshi Gupta

Senior Partner, EVERSANA Management Consulting


Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), Market Research, Medical Affairs, RWE

Arshi Gupta, Senior Partner at EVERSANA Management Consulting, has 15+ years of experience working in the healthcare and life sciences industry. She has been at the forefront of global efforts at leading biopharmaceutical companies to transform their medical affairs, clinical development, and commercial functions. She collaborates with clients to help them drive efficiency and innovation by critically evaluating their underlying governance, processes, and technology infrastructure supporting the lifecycle of an asset.

Prior to joining EVERSANA, Arshi was co-leading the Medical Affairs consulting vertical, and was the lead for Medical Innovation & Insights at Syneos Health. In this role, she developed innovative solutions backed by data & analytics to measure the impact of their Medical Affairs spend, and prepared clients with their Medical launch strategy. Prior to that Arshi was a senior member of KPMG Healthcare & Lifesciences Strategy team and IQVIA Advisory Services. Before that, she led an independent advisory firm in Singapore focused on consumer healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Arshi has authored multiple white papers on various topics related to the future of the Medical Affairs’ function and represented her perspectives at many industry forums.

Arshi holds a BA (hons) in business management from Nottingham Trent University.

Articles by Arshi Gupta

Pioneering the Path: How Medical Affairs is Charting the Course for Pre- and Post-Launch Strategies

Early involvement of Medical Affairs in the product lifecycle is not just beneficial – it is mission critical. In the swiftly changing realm of advanced therapies like biosimilars, rare disease molecules, and cell and gene therapies, a strong scientific interpretation and orientation is essential. Medical Affairs teams are stepping up to this challenge, actively shaping the trajectory of new interventions right from their inception.  Gone are the days when Medical Affairs merely acted as a liaison between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. Today, Medical Affairs teams are indispensable strategic partners, deeply involved in crafting the very foundation of a product’s journey.   In her latest article, Arshi Gupta discusses the evolving […]

Leveraging the Expertise of Medical Affairs to Create Global Value with Efficient, Cross-functional Collaboration

In the intricate world of pharmaceuticals, the role of Medical Affairs is paramount. Join us as we delve into the crucial elements that drive success in this pivotal function. From strategic alignment to robust data management and global perspectives, discover how Medical Affairs ensures product success in a dynamic healthcare landscape.  Read more about the importance of efficient, cross-functional collaboration in our latest article co-authored by Keith Steward, MD, MBA, and Arshi Gupta. Don’t miss out on valuable insights to propel your organization forward.

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