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Informing NAMs Payer Strategies and Improving Contracts With Integrated Commercial Services

Pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on national account managers (NAMs) to build relationships, negotiate contracts and get their products in front of payers and pharmacy benefit managers who will clear the way for patient treatment coverage.

Challenges Facing NAMs

Typically, NAMs rely on the customer or the health plan to direct contracting strategies and product expectations, and they often manage contracts in a silo without input from other commercial services teams. While NAMs may have some data insights, the disconnect between commercial services causes them to inefficiently leverage data or miss insights that could lead to optimized contracting strategies. Without data integration, NAMs cannot pinpoint the patient populations and treatment indicators for payers, and manufactures risk insurance complications and unnecessary patient access barriers.

NAMs also have the responsibility of presenting multiple products to payers, which can take three to four meetings before a contracting decision is made. This process inefficiency can lead to payer relationships that are less productive and less lucrative for manufacturers, providers and patients.

EVERSANA’s Solution

Through end-to-end commercial services and data integration, EVERSANA is helping partners meet top NAM challenges head-on:

  1. Improving Payer Relationships: With a syndicated NAMs model, our partners, especially emerging manufacturers, have a better opportunity to present their product to high-priority customers. Our NAMs’ portfolios include multiple non-compete products that can be presented to payers together and in less time, providing all partners the same access to payers and potential customers as larger companies.
  1. Optimizing Contracts: EVERSANA’s integrated services model allows NAMs to look holistically at contracting strategies all the way from building the strategy with input from EVERSANA™ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, revenue management teams and patient services through monitoring the contract’s execution and performance in later years of the product life cycle. Pharma currently takes this approach in segmented pieces for each commercial service. Now, manufacturers can take this approach across commercial services in a much more efficient and timely process.

This flow of information across integrated teams is crucial to contracting success, and EVERSANA amplifies this information with ACTICS by EVERSANA™, the premier tech-enabled solution built for end-to-end commercial success. ACTICS leverages proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to address critical challenges across the product life cycle. With real-time data comes better contracting strategies, and NAMs are empowered to target the right payers and plans to the right patient populations for treatment.

At EVERSANA, we know that launching a product is difficult and becomes even more difficult when all the gears and cogs in the commercialization process aren’t working together. Because of this, we’ve developed a model that surrounds NAMs with more expertise, sophisticated data and insights, and the speed and efficiency needed to get more patient lives covered sooner in today’s competitive market.

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