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NAVLIN Insights

Gain critical insight on your most pressing access needs

NAVLIN Insights (formerly Health Strategies Insights by EVERSANA™) is part of the NAVLIN ecosystem of data, software and insights solutions.  

NAVLIN Insights delivers the most innovative market research solutions for biopharmaceutical companies’ business questions from pipeline to loss of exclusivity.

Proprietary insights drive deeper analysis and visibility to specific access questions across market, channel, brand, account, patient and global access. These insights, which are derived from an unrivaled expert panel network, are combined with an advanced set of methods, frameworks and novel solutions to provide competitive intelligence, insights and strategic recommendations.

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Product Portfolio

  • Market Access

    Monitors and evaluates U.S. market access trends to anticipate environment shifts that affect access and reimbursement

  • Brand Access

    Identifies current and future opportunities to optimize access for your brands

  • Account Access

    Guides account strategies to impact sales and marketing at leading organizations

  • Patient Access

    Assesses and measures key opportunities to improve satisfaction and patient access to therapies

  • Channel Access

    Assess leading customer strategies within each channel to inform forward-thinking solutions.

  • Global Access

    Gain critical intelligence into global market pricing, reimbursement, and HTA decisions.


Our Vision

Industry Leading Insights

Our online portal provides vital insights in real-time to help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Anticipate macro environment trends
  • Identify opportunities and risks for your brand
  • Develop or adjust strategies and tactics to optimize brand access
  • Benchmark your brand performance against competitors

You can export all insights, data and charts to PowerPoint, PDF, CSV, or even download the raw data tables.


NAVLIN Insights Consulting

Brings an advanced set of global and bespoke market access capabilities, frameworks, and methods to answer your specific questions across the product lifecycle.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Behavioral and attitudinal segmentation of organized customers tailored to client-specific desired outcomes

  • Patient Access and Reimbursement Requirements

    Assessment requirements and opportunities for patient access and support via Hub or other programs

  • Customer Relationship Assessment

    Measurement of relationships with your customers and identification of drivers of productive relationships

  • Opportunity and Threat Assessment

    Evaluation of the opportunities and threats presented by a specific macro-environmental or customer change and identification of strategies to ensure future success

  • Value Proposition Assessment

    Identification and testing of the optimal value proposition of a product/compound with market access stakeholders

  • Customer Programs and Resources

    Identifying the optimal programs and resources for payer access and relationship development


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