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Patient Access

2022 Research Agendas

Patient Services and Hubs

Patient Services and Hubs benchmarks patient service programs on levels of user importance/value, use, and satisfaction, while identifying operating gaps requiring improvement and opportunities for competitive differentiation.  It also highlights industry best practices and supports company efforts to assess trends affecting strategic and tactical planning to support future growth.

  • Patient Services Benchmarks

    Available March, June, September and December 2022

    • Importance and satisfaction ratings, as well as frequency of use patterns, of key program components by core users/customers, i.e., providers (prescriber vs. office staff) and patients; delivered through a dynamic, interactive database, updated quarterly.
    • Messaging and communications preferences for each of the differentiated user segments.
    • Dashboard-like quarterly summaries of individual patient support programs for leading drugs within each therapeutic market.
  • Patient Services Best Practices

    Available April 2022

    • Overall evaluation and assessment of best practices and strategies aimed to improve and optimize user access for patient service programs and hub utilization in each therapeutic category
  • Hub Vendor Profiles

    Available July 2022

    • Comprehensive profiles of leading patient service and hub vendors, including information on organization attributes and service capabilities and capacities
  • Outlook 2024

    Available November 2022

    • Assessment of future growth trends affecting patient service needs and hub utilization, such as insights on patient service programs adapting to digital therapeutics; technology enhancements and modifications for broader program use; novel treatments requiring new/more high-touch services; treatment affordability; and evolving business models or innovative contracting models for patient service programs

Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty Pharmacies assesses the impact of significant market influences and major market events on the evolution of specialty pharmacy (SP) strategies, tactics, and general operational dynamics in working with biopharmaceutical companies, while supporting development of effective strategies for specific specialty product distribution channels and networks.

  • 340B for SPs – Vital, Uncertain, Misused

    Available April, 2022

    • Complexities of the 340B program delivery model, growing use of 340B strategies to optimize contract pharmacy networks, and internal efforts to maximize 340B cash flow and profit margins
    • Companies that dominate the 340B marketplace
    • Restructuring of the 340B marketplace due to the evolution of the financial model and contracting changes over the past few years
    • Success of large, vertically integrated organizations in leveraging the 340B program to support growth of overall SP business
  • Digital Advances Among SPs

    Available July 2022

    • SP technology growth and innovation relating to data collection/aggregation/analytics, patient engagement, and digital therapeutic
    • Assessment of emerging digital pharmacies and their ability to shakeup traditional specialty pharmacy service offerings and business potential
  • IDN-owned SPs – Disrupters or Adjuncts?

    Available September 2022

    • Analysis of key business strategies, value propositions, and critical challenges and benefits to network strategies of integrated delivery network (IDN)-owned/health system-owned SPs
    • Segmentation of IDN-owned/health system-owned SPs to guide and improve selection of accounts for distribution channels
  • Specialty Pharmacy Strategy – What Good Looks Like

    Available November 2022

    • Strategic imperatives that Biopharma must consider when developing their SP network for a product launch, optimizing in-market products and preserving mature brands
    • Key business drivers for developing a limited distribution network (LDN), an open network and working cohesively with 340B entities
    • How to integrate patient services for incremental lift and therapy adherence of brand performance, manage copay program revenue and create buy-in from commercial teams to leverage SP strategies

Specialty Pharmacy Optimizer – SPOPTIMIZER

SPOPTIMIZER is the only objective online platform that evaluates and aligns specialty pharmacies (SPs) for current and future network needs, ranking over 90 SPs according to key service capabilities and organizational attributes.

  • Interactive Filter Tool

    Available 24/7, Database updated every two months

    Search by: 

    • Areas of therapeutic focus
    • Service offerings

    Search limited distribution network (LDN) database by: 

    • Brand name
    • Biopharmaceutical company
    • Payer network participation
    • Biopharmaceutical company network participation
  • Profiles of more than 50 leading independent SPs and 50 integrated delivery network (IDN)-owned/ institutional SPs

    Includes in-depth analyses of key areas, such as: 

    • Organizational structure
    • Evolving business models
    • Business mix
    • Strategic goals
    • Approaches in specific healthcare channels
    • New product and service offerings with ability to drive industry change

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