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Social Media for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment: The Comprehensive Guide

A clinical trial is the sole way that new medicines come to market. Mastering the process of finding, engaging, and activating patients for enrollment into a clinical trial is a key success factor for all biopharmaceutical companies developing new treatments, yet many companies often struggle to find the required clinical trial participants within a given timeline. These delays result not only in additional development costs, but also —more importantly —in the actual delay of innovation and treatments.


The average person checks social media 17 times a day—that’s nearly once every hour.3 During this time, they check their messages on Facebook, read news on Twitter, and share photos on Instagram. They also sometimes seek information about and support for their disease.

What if we could use just one of those 17 daily check-ins to reach them with clear and actionable information about a relevant clinical trial?

At EVERSANA, we’ve been designing and deploying institutional review board (IRB)-compliant clinical trial campaigns for serious and even rare diseases centered on social media marketing. Our process begins with a social media campaign, which takes potential participants to a powerful prescreener built specifically for that trial and then ingests the submissions into a patient-led management system called the Seeker Portal. Via this purely digital process, we’ve accelerated recruitment for dozens of clinical trials investigating new medicines for serious diseases.

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Seeker Health by EVERSANA is a digital health platform helping biopharmaceutical companies connect with patients in need of clinical trials. Through a wide array of digital strategies, we work to make access to clinical…