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Utilization of Indirect Treatment Comparison (ITC), External Control Arms (ECA) and Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is crucial to assessing the effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions. Indirect Treatment Comparison (ITC) is one trend that has gained traction in the HTA space as a way to evaluate interventions and enable researchers to compare the effectiveness of two treatments indirectly.

Additionally, utilizing External Control Arms (ECAs) uses historical data, real-world evidence or data from observational studies as a control arm in clinical trials, which can be especially beneficial when studying rare diseases or orphan drugs.

PROMs, patient questionnaires or surveys, have become another central component of HTA to assess patients’ experiences.

In this latest POV article, Shivani Shah, explores how the utilization of ITC/ECAs and PROMs have become prominent HTA methodologies in recent years, including evaluating studies conducted to assess their usage, and benefits and challenges they present.

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Shivani Shah
Consultant, NAVLIN Market Access & HTA Consulting

Shivani Shah is Consultant at EVERSANA and has around 6 years of experience working as consultant in pharmaceutical and life-science industry. Prior to joining EVERSANA, she has worked at one of the top ten…