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Portfolio Strategy & Resource Allocation

Making the right choice to create the most value from a single asset can be very challenging. The challenge grows exponentially when multiple assets are considered, all vying for a share of the available resources and championed by different stakeholders. Portfolio assets may differ in character, timing, novelty and application; yet value can be maximized only by comparing them on a common basis. EVERSANA provides framing, strategic perspective, analytic tools and assessment techniques based on our leaders’ 25 years of thought leadership. We apply the following capabilities to define alternatives and make trade-offs explicit, helping internal stakeholders align on the best portfolio.

  • Strategic Framing: Defining the purpose, perspective and scope of the portfolio strategy
  • Resource Allocation: Asset characterization and valuation, alternative definition, analysis and synthesis, allocation recommendation
  • Portfolio Balancing: Asset characterization and clustering; analysis by parameter of timing, geography, therapy area, technology, risk and return
  • Portfolio Decision Process: Process mapping and gap identification; process redesign, facilitation and training

Our leaders have supported many clients, from emerging to multinational biopharma and medtech companies, in all regions, including APAC, in obtaining value boosts from their portfolios without increasing investment.

Our Case Studies

Portfolio Optimization Strategy for Immunology in China

A multinational corporation (MNC) with a portfolio of in-line and pipeline immunology products with overlapping indications wished to identify the portfolio option with the highest value and least cannibalization in China. We assessed uncertainties and modelled the findings to derive revenues at asset and indication level. We then evaluated various alternatives in terms of value and risk to recommend the best portfolio (products, indications, timelines and listing) to implement.

Portfolio Management Process Optimization

We worked with one client for six years to develop and implement a portfolio evaluation and decision-making process. The design included project team members for all drugs in development as well as middle and senior management from all functions. Implementing the new process added tens of billions of dollars in value to the company, reduced decision cycle time and raised the confidence of decision-makers in their ability to manage value in the portfolio.

Portfolio Optimization & Resource Allocation

We supported a major pharmaceutical company’s product development committee in evaluating and optimizing its portfolio, resulting in decisions that added $2.6 billion in value compared with the momentum plan. The increased confidence of senior management in the development strategy ultimately led to a 50% R&D budget increase and a commensurate reallocation of resources.

Post-Acquisition Selling Synergy Assessment for a Leading MedTech in Asia

A leading medtech company had recently acquired the portfolio of another company and it wished to integrate the portfolio of offerings. We assisted by identifying the potential for cross-selling of both portfolios, the extent of overlap and the overall increment possible to enable quality decision-making on their sales force strategy.

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