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HEOR Value Demonstration

Huge effort and expense go into developing pharmaceutical assets for regulatory submission. Many fail, and it is vital for those that succeed to articulate their value proposition effectively to receive appropriate registration, pricing and access to the market. After identifying the opportunity to add to your product’s value story, the process continues by articulating a quantitative description of how your product contributes to reducing cost burdens, normally through advanced modelling informed by local understanding and clinical expertise.

  • Global Cost-Effectiveness Modeling: global model platforms that can be easily adapted to any market, including Markov and state transition models, survival partition models, patient simulation models, discrete events simulations and steady state models
  • Country-Specific Analysis: local analyses for reimbursement and HTA submissions, based on experience in all major markets and local clinical and health economic experts
  • Budget Impact Analysis: estimating the financial consequences of the adoption and diffusion of a new health care intervention to public and private payers, using a national or managed care perspective, net benefit analyses and hospital budget analyses
  • Evidence Synthesis: assess pooled and comparative effectiveness of a new product, via meta-analysis, systematic review, indirect treatment comparisons (ITC), network meta-analysis (NMA), propensity score matching. Our leaders are co-developers of NetMetaXL and co-authors of PRISMA NMA reporting guidelines, with over 75 meta-analyses, ITCs and NMA studies completed

Our leaders are recognized for their contribution to the global understanding of representing value for pharmaceutical products, and they have developed proprietary methodologies for modelling and meta-analysis, with lengthy experience in representing product value to payers in reimbursed markets.

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